Ba khia ((three-striped crab) live in mangrove forests (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) – The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of southern Ca Mau province has held a ceremony announcing the traditional craft of making salted and fermented ba khia (three-striped crab) of its Ngoc Hien district, as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.traditional craft of making salted and fermented ba khia was recognised as the national intangible cultural heritage in late 2019.salted and fermented ba khia has reflected part of an effort conquering the nature of generations of locals in the southern land. Ba khia is typically found in brackish coastal mangrove forests. The striped crustaceans typically hide out in these forests all day but come out to feed at night.

Visitors join with local farmers to catch ba khia in the evening (Photo: VNA)

Ca Mau has a plan to protect and promote the values of local intangible cultural heritage by 2020, with an orientation to 2030. To carry out the plan, the province plans to spend about 3.7 billion VND, including 2.5 billion VND coming from the provincial budget, 550 million VND from the district budget, and the remainder from contributions of local communities and other sources.