Jimmy Osmond has made a miraculous recovery from his stroke.

His elder brother, Merrill Osmond says how the star is ‘getting better everyday’ and is even painting and jogging again.

Merrill, 66, was part of The Osmonds in their 1970s peak with singer Jimmy and their other brothers Alan, Wayne, Jay and Donny.

Merrill said of Jimmy: “I’ve seen him two times now and he’s getting better everyday.”

“What’s cool is he’s never had this amount of time before with his family, they’re going places and Jimmy runs like crazy now, jogs everywhere and what he’s doing now is painting.”

He added: “We all get our ups and downs, he had a down but he’s coming back up!”.

The singer,56, suffered a stroke in December 2018 during a pantomime performance of Peter Pan in Birmingham, where he was playing the role of Captain Hook.

The Osmonds star began to feel unwell during his Thursday night performance, but ‘pushed through’ the show, his rep said.

As soon as the curtain dropped, the star was rushed to hospital, where he was diagnosed as having suffered a stroke.

A spokesman for Jimmy at the time, confirmed that he would not be returning to work on the production, which ran until late January.

“He is grateful for all the well wishes and will be taking time out in the new year” the statement read.

It was feared that the the much-loved star may not perform again.

However his elder brother Merrill said he ‘absolutely’ hopes they will sing together again one day.

He is currently preparing for a March to October UK tour.

He said: “This is our second home, people love the Osmonds songs.”

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The performer added that his fans still adore their music, and the reaction to their songs is the same as it was over forty years ago.

“They still scream like they did in the ’70s. My energy levels are good and I’m ready to rock and roll.”