PANO – Ship HQ-937 of Naval Unit 129 has towed two trawlers in distress ashore with 23 fishermen on board.

On November 5th, ship KN-774 of Naval Region 2 was assigned to rescue the trawler KH-96761TS, with 11 fishermen on board, which was left adrift after its engine broke down at sea near Tu Chinh Shoal. After being repaired at the shoal, the distressed trawler was handed over to the HQ-937.

Meanwhile, another ship of Naval Region 2, HQ-624, towed the drifting trawler KH-96778TS to DK1 platform and then handed over it to the HQ-937.

It took the HQ-937 nearly a week to tow the two troubled trawlers to shore.

Earlier, the ship also rescued the KH-92116TS in distress on November 1st.

Translated by Van Hieu