The Vietnamese delegation was led by Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard, while the host was headed by Admiral Tea Vinh, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Chief of the Royal Cambodian Navy, and Secretary General of the Cambodian National Committee for Maritime Security.

At the meeting

At the event, the two sides voiced pleasure at the security and order at the shared maritime border. The two countries’ functional units have regularly worked together to promptly address all unexpected issues at sea. Both Vietnamese and Cambodian fishermen have strictly observed laws and regulations while doing business at sea.

General Son and Admiral Tea Vinh reached a consensus on several contents such as dealing with boats and fishermen of one country violating the other country’s maritime laws or allowing each side’s ships to take shelter during emergency.

They agreed to boost joint law enforcement activities at sea, thus contributing to building up an environment of peace, stability and cooperation for mutual development.

Translated by Song Anh