VNDPKO’s Deputy Director, Senior Colonel Nguyen Nhu Canh (2nd from left) and Deputy Director of the UN’s TPP Program Julian Otinkorang (first from right) present souvenirs to Japanese instructors

Nineteen Japanese instructors, 20 Vietnamese trainees and other UN coordinators and international observers from Australia and Canada participated in this course which opened on November 4 at the Engineer Brigade 249 under the Engineer Corps.

During the six-week long course, the trainees were provided with knowledge on the operation, maintenance and repair of heavy engineering equipment in line with reality. They also actively and directly practiced on the equipment to acquire more real life experiences.

With its successful organization of the course, Vietnam has been asked by the UN to host a higher-level course next year to train highly-qualified cadres who are able to lecture on engineering machinery.

Translated by Mai Huong