With production on Star Wars: Episode VIII seriously winding down in the next few weeks, it’s likely that we’ll hear more and more about the actual plot of the movie and some of the secrets it contains. Today, a new rumor has started to spread, which claims to reveal a big Jedi secret and offers new details into the past. The scene in question arrives with some of the dialogue used on set. And it centers around three key cast members, one of whom has only previously been rumored.

This latest rumor comes from someone named ‘Stormtrooper Larry’, already a dubious source. Though this individual has been responsible for leaked pictures from the set, it’s best to take this all with a grain of Jakku sand. That said, there will be Spoilers. This particular report revolves around supposed script pages that have leaked. And the dialogue is shared between Mark Hamill’s returning Master Jedi Luke Skywalker and Daisy Ridley’s Rey. Also part of the conversation is Yoda, rumored to be reprised by master puppeteer Frank Oz. And it involves exposing a massive secret the Jedi have held for years.

In Star Wars 8, Rey is said to have another vision not unlike the one she experienced at Maz Kanata’s castle. Only this one is much more detailed in the information it divulges to the young Jedi hopeful. We get to learn the ancient history of the Jedi Order, and it runs parallel with the previous speculation that Luke Skywalker has exiled himself to the planet Ahch-To to find an Ancient Jedi Temple.

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It is here that we discover just how ‘arrogant’ the Jedi became at one point, something that was always hinted at in the prequel trilogy. They were hiding a big secret, and it ultimately led to their demise. In this new sequel, we will see Luke Skywalker take Rey by the hand, showing her this new vision. Their minds are taken to a tree on an alien planet. This falls in line with the fact that we have seen a big alien tree in some of the leaked set photos. Here, there are two kids seen playing. The boy is given greater strength and intuition as he nears the tree. This tree also makes the boy increasingly agitate as he is filled with ‘hate’. The girl notices this behavior change right away.

There is a passage of time, that involves the children and the tree. One day, the two young unnamed individuals get in an argument, and the boy kills the girl. He finally touches the tree, and is ‘transformed’. Seemingly possessed, he sets off to kill his parents, and eventually flees the planet. Unbeknownst to him, the girl has survived his attack. She has been transformed by this tree as well. And she uses her powers to start the first Jedi Order.

Now, this is where a previous rumor deviates. Before, we heard that Rey was the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker in what sounded like a laughable scene where she gets to tell Luke, ‘I’m your father!’ That is not entirely true, according to this new report, though Rey is supposedly a reincarnated being. Perhaps. As Rey’s vision continues in the movie, she sees the girl explain how The Force can be both light and dark. She tells her followers that when she dies, she will return, whether it is as a boy or a girl. And that she should be trained.

Luke reveals to Rey that the Jedi Order has been searching for ‘The One’ ever since this girl became a force ghost, with this individual the reincarnated founder of the Jedi. The search has lasted a millennia. When Anakin was found on Tatooine, it was believed that he could bring balance to the force, and that perhaps, he was The One.

But as it turns out, The Jedi were deceived by the Sith, and the Clone Wars were the result. This vision does reveal Rey’s real parents. And Luke is not the father. The old Jedi explains that Rey was discovered at a young age to be strong with the force. And she was supposed to begin training as a child to become a Jedi. But she never reached her destination. In this scene Rey is given a choice. And she has until sunset to make it.

This scene lines up with another we’ve heard about from the set, which has been confirmed by those who witnessed the shoot. Near sunset, Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren arrive on Ahch-To, with the Knights sent to dispatch Luke while Kylo has his first of two confrontations with Rey. The battle leaves all of the Knights dead at Luke’s hands while Rey forfeits her lightsaber battle and Kylo is forced to flee.

We’ll likely not get a confirmation on this latest scene until we are in the theater, as it reveals a pretty massive spoiler. Though, Kylo Ren could be the chosen one with Rey eventually turning to the dark side. While there is no way to verify if this info is correct, it does line-up with what we’re hearing about the story, and makes more sense than Rey being reincarnated from Anakin. You can read the full report, along with the supposed dialogue at ComicBookMovie. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn anything more about what could be the most important scene in the movie.

B. Alan Orange