20pct of seafood firms likely to face stagnancy, bankruptcy in 2012

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Power company demands 300% price hike

Few companies approve high-price power from Hiep Phuoc

Paper industry expands capacity

HCMC firm proposes 200% hike in power price

Facts & Figures

Saigon Paper Starts US$50Mln Paper Mill in the South

Inflation forecast not to exceed 4 percent

Economic restructuring remains difficult

Increase in aggregate demand needed for growth

Enhancing the aggregate demand of the economy

Slow economic growth jeopardises annual goal

Knots in Credit Growth

National committee: aggregate demand improved but still low

Credibility critical for Vietnam’s economic future

Central bank assuages foreign currency lending fears

Credibility critical for VN’s economic future

Vietnam Real Estate Market: Heavily Dependent on Financial Markets

Vietnam’s economy forecast to grow 5.8% in 2014

Bank mergers mean capital difficulties for small firms