More than 500 couples donate blood

Instead of roses or chocolate for the Valentine's Day, more than 500 couples and thousands of students participated in the blood donation festival, named Pink Spring Festival 2012 at Hanoi's My Dinh Stadium on February 12. Blood scarcity at the pinnacle Thousands of young people grouped up in front of the My Dinh Stadium in the morning of February 12 to register for blood donation. Some couples brought cuddly toys as gifts for each others. Tran Van Ngoc and Hoang Thi An said this was the first time they attended a blood donation event. People were waiting for their turn. Some girls were frightened. A girl burst into tears. Tran Duc Manh and Tran Thi Kim Lanh. Nguyen Ngoc Quyet and Vu Thi Kim Dung were always hand in hand. Nguyen Khac Xa and Khong Thi Huyen Luong from the Thanh Do University had joined such events for seven times so they were not nervous. "We are happy for doing this meaningful task. Each time we donate blood, our blood will help more patients," Luong said. … [Read more...]

L’Oreal Award given to three female scientists

PANO - Three Vietnamese scientists were presented with the L’Oreal for Women in Science Award on November 13th in Ho Chi Minh City. The laureates are doctor Ho Pham Thuc Lan from the 115 People's Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Ph.D. Pham Thi Kim Trang from the Centre for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development (CETASD) of the University Of Science under the Hanoi National University, and Assoc. Prof. and Ph.D. Nguyen Lan Huong from the Hanoi Water Resources University. Three laureates at the awarding ceremony Meanwhile, Ph.D. Tran Thi Hien from the Thai Binh province’s Medical University claimed the Young Scientist Award. The awards will assist the recipients in their scientific projects, contributing to the development of scientific research in Vietnam. The awards were granted by the For Women in Science Program, launched by the L’Oreal Group and UNESCO in 1998. So far, it has supported nearly 2,000 female scientists worldwide. Translated by Pham … [Read more...]

Vietnam & Iceland to urge early EFTA signing

Vietnamese State President Truong Tan Sang had a talk with Iceland's President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson on his four day visit to Vietnam starting November 4. State President of Vietnam (L) and Iceland's President (Photo:SGGP) At the meeting, Vietnamese president thanked for Iceland as well as member countries of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and hoping that Iceland would urge early Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiation between two countries. President Sang suggested two countries step to research ability of negotiating and signing cooperation projects featuring on education and training sector. Besides, Iceland would support Vietnam in training experts in the fields of seafood, energy-intensive method, environment; and exchange experiences about social welfare, sexual equality, help children and disabled people. Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson said: "This visit aims to develop bilateral cooperation especially in exploitation of natural resources … [Read more...]

Garden Hill project still up for grabs

Hanoi-based Building and Infrastructure Development of Vietnam Joint Stock Company officially introduced its commerce centre and luxury apartment complex Garden Hill project which attracted a lot of attention recently. Located at a prime location on Hanoi’s Tran Binh street in Hadong district, the Garden Hill project was identified as the worthiest living apartment of the year which will bring a dreamy living space and classy lifestyle for all families. Covering an area of 5,500 square metres, the complex will feature commercial centres, offices for rent, and entertainment areas with two, 29 and 25-floor towers with 2 basements and 375 apartments. Apartment sizes vary between 57.8 and 110 square metres. With its prime, extremely favourable location, residents can easily reach the city’s centres of economy, trade, culture, education, and entertainment, such as the National Convention Centre (3 kilometres), Hanoi Museum (3km), Hanoi National University, (Institute?) … [Read more...]

Creating a firm foundation for Vietnam to become a modern industrial nation

(VOVworld)- According to the draft document of the 12th National Party Congress, Vietnam has revised its goal of becoming a modern industrial nation to creating a firm foundation for becoming a modern industrial nation by 2020. Party members and economists say the new goal is more realistic. The goal of making Vietnam a modern industrial nation by 2020 set by the Communist Party of Vietnam at its 7th National Congress in 1991 has become infeasible. The main reason for this failure is that Vietnam has not completed its economic restructuring and for too long has maintained a single growth model which is inappropriate for increasing competitiveness and integration. Optimizing opportunities for development Economist Tran Du Lich, a National Assembly deputy, has pointed out two opportunities that Vietnam needs to capitalize on a stable macro-economy and Vietnam’s increasing status in the world: "Based on our potential and position, we can do much better. We need to accelerate … [Read more...]

More teachers promoted to professors and associate professors

PANO – 52 lecturers and 470 others have been promoted to professors and associate professors respectively in 2015, according to a decision signed by Minister of Education and Training and Chairman of the State Professor Title Council, Professor, Doctor Pham Vu Luan. Second mathematics professor of Vietnam, Prof. Le Thi Thanh Nhan - Thai Nguyen University. Photo: Among the newly-promoted professors, the youngest person is Nguyen Van Hieu, 44, from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and the oldest is Nguyen Duc Loi, 70, also from the university. Meanwhile, the youngest associate professors are 35-year-old female lecturers, Do Thi Hong Tuoi from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Hanoi National University. Translated by Pham Huy … [Read more...]

Vietnam to expand autonomy of universities

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam speaks at the workshop. (Credit: VGP) NDO/VNA — Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on October 22 urged the Ministry of Education and Training to tailor its policies on autonomy for public universities to the needs of each institution. At the workshop on tertiary education held in Ho Chi Minh City, he said that tertiary autonomy was a necessary factor to ensuring universities planned their use of resources wisely, according to their purposes and goals. "Autonomy does not mean that the government will not invest anything in universities," he said. He assured education officials that universities with autonomy would still receive money from the State, but would retain the right to decide how the money is spent. Universities with autonomy, for example, have the right to use tuition as well as funds from enterprises and the government without asking permission from the Ministry of Education and Training. The universities also have the right to make decisions … [Read more...]

Trade center possible be converted to a museum

The Hanoitimes - An international conference with the theme The new roles played by museums in culture, communication and creativity was kicked off on October 20 at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi. The two-day conference discussed four topics, including exhibition design, art education, digitalisation of museums and museums as cultural venues. Fourteen museum experts from neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, from Germany, and Vietnam shared their experiences in carrying out the four topics and presented insights into the practices in many museums. Foreign tourists visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Participants include leading professionals from the Berlin State Museums, the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, the Ayala Museum in the Philippines, as well as from the Museum and Gallery Tuanku Fauziah at the National University of Malaysia. At the opening ceremony, Germany's Professor Husan Zollaeurnian said German Archaeological Museum has … [Read more...]

Hanoi to clear West Lake of food, tour vessels

Hanoi's People's Committee has approved a proposal by the local Department of Transport to move all tourist boats and floating restaurants from the West Lake to Dam Bay area in Nhat Tan Ward within October. Boats serve as floating restaurants on Hanoi's West Lake. The decision has received wide support from the tourism sector and local people, who have long criticised these boats for blocking views and polluting the lake. Six tourist boats were licensed to operate on the West Lake, but fare more were operating illegally. They discharged huge amount of untreated waste into to the lake, which was seriously polluting the water. A recent study by the Hanoi National University found the lake water has highly acidic due to the accumulation of waste and wastewater, killing fish, prawn, and snail species in the lake. Hanoi police caught five boats operating illegally on the lake following allegations they were discharging human waste. But it has been difficult to crack down on such … [Read more...]

150 delegates contribute ideas to draft documents for submission to 12th Party Congress

One hundred and fifty young teachers, lecturers, intellectuals and students on October 12th contributed ideas to the draft documents to be submitted to the 12th National Party Congress in a conference held at the Hanoi National University by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee. (Photo: PANO) During the conference, the delegates showed their consensus over the draft political report by the Party Central Committee term XI, highlighting their ideas over a reform on education and training as well as the development of human resources. The ideas said that the Party and State should pay more attention to increasing the quality of education and promote the scientific and technological development. They urged the Party and State to issue more suitable policies to facilitate the development of high quality human resources. Some others added that policies and mechanism should be set for the young manpower as it is the main workforce of the country./. … [Read more...]

548 Vietnamese students join International Mathematical Competition

The 2015 International Mathematical Competition between cities of Vietnam and Russia took place in Hanoi on October 11. 548 Vietnamese students from 11 secondary schools and 13 high schools across eight provinces of Hanoi, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Hai Duong and Hai Phong registered for participating in the competition. The organizers said the 2015 contest attracted the most crowded Vietnamese students. Hanoi National University of Education in collaboration with the organization board of the International Mathematical Competition in Russia organized in the International Mathematical Competition. Exam questions were compiled by the organization board in Russia; and answer papers will be corrected and sent to the organization board in Russia. The students with high scores will be received certificates by Russian Academy of Sciences. … [Read more...]

Universities to be ranked in national accreditation program

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 470 universities in Vietnam will be ranked once every two years under a plan outlined in a new government decree which takes effect on October 25. Under the decree, higher education establishments will be classified into three groups, depending on whether the schools are oriented toward research, application, or practice. They will also be ranked in class 1, class 2 and class 3 based on their achievements, with the best in class 1. The first class will include 30 percent of the universities with the highest scores. The third class will comprise 30 percent of establishments with lowest scores, while the rest will be grouped in the second class. The classification will be made once every 10 years, while the ranking will be made once every two years. Universities will assess, rank and classify themselves based on the criteria to be set by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). The reports on the ranking and classification will be made public … [Read more...]

Report shows less prestigious universities at top in research productivity

VietNamnet Bridge - A survey conducted by two postgraduates Pham Hiep and Huynh Huu Hien shows a breakthrough in research productivity made by young universities. It is not Hanoi or HCM City National University, the two leading research institutes in Vietnam, or other prestigious universities, which top the list of universities with high level of scientific research institutes. The two top positions were very new schools – Duy Tan and Ton Duc Thang universities. Scientific research productivity is an index calculated by the ratio of the number of scientific articles published in scientific journals compared to the number of an institution's’ researchers. According to Professor Nguyen Van Tuan, most universities in the world measure research productivity with articles in ISI (Institute for Scientific Information). In this case, Pham Hiep and Huynh Huu Hien counted the number of IST articles on the number of lecturers and researchers with doctorates in seven … [Read more...]

How many professors will Vietnam have in the future?

VietNamNet Bridge - If universities are given the right to accredit professors and associate professors, Vietnam could see a "professor boom", experts have warned. Related news First university in Vietnam appoints its own professors Educators say universities should be allowed to appoint professors Universities have been struggling for the right to independently grant professorship titles after Ton Duc Thang University announced the appointment of professors and associate professors. They believe that accrediting professors is the job of universities, not the state, and instead of national professors appointed by the state, there should be professors who implement duties assigned by schools. While educators still argue, analysts have warned that Vietnam would see a ‘professor boom’ if schools are allowed to accredit professors. This would lead to the so-called ‘professor inflation’, which would not be good for the education sector. "If the State … [Read more...]

Foreigners learn Vietnamese: The challenges must be overcome

The number of foreigners living in Vietnam and the demand for qualified schools and teachers of the Vietnamese language has grown dramatically due to increasing economic integration and cultural exchanges between Vietnam the rest of the world. Here are the challenges the foreign student must overcome in their effort to learn Vietnamese. The first challenge: Finding the right language center Even for foreigners living in Vietnam, it can be a challenge to find an appropriate language center. Only a few universities offer Vietnamese language courses and then only at the elementary level and at very restricted times. University regulations may limit classes only to registered university students, thereby excluding full-time company employees and other interested adult students. Faced with such restrictions, foreigners must find private teachers or tutors in order to learn Vietnamese. However here too, there are risks as some teachers and tutors may have limited experience in … [Read more...]

Peace loving nations and Vietnam proud of August Revolution

(VOV) - International friends have continued to praise the success of Vietnam’s August Revolution of 1945, which reflected the desire for freedom and justice of colonized nations. American historian Douglas Jardin, a former lecturer at Hanoi National University, has been researching Vietnam’s history for many years. He said internationally, the impact of Vietnam gaining independence in 1945 was really huge. It was kind of a model for other countries that were decolonized later. "I think the fact that Vietnam gaining independence in 1945 was kind of a model and an inspiration to other countries that were going through similar process of decolonization and certainly if you want to look at the French colonies in Indochina and Algiers, we can see a direct relationship really between the independence movements of these two countries," he added. Doctor Fakhry Labib, a former official of the Vietnam Committee for Solidarity and Cooperation with Asia, Africa, and Latin … [Read more...]

Peace loving nations and Vietnam proud of the successful August Revolution

(VOVworld) – International friends have continued to praise the success of Vietnam’s August Revolution of 1945, which reflected the desire for freedom and justice of colonized nations. American historian Douglas Jardin, a former lecturer at Hanoi National University, has been researching Vietnam’s history for many years: "Internationally, the impact of Vietnam gaining independence in 1945 was really huge. It was kind of a model for other countries that were decolonized later. I think the fact that Vietnam gaining independence in 1945 was kind of a model and an inspiration to other countries that were going through similar process of decolonization and certainly if you want to look at the French colonies in Indochina and Algiers, we can see a direct relationship really between the independence movements of these two countries. Doctor Fakhry Labib, a former official of the Vietnam Committee for Solidarity and Cooperation with Asia, Africa, and Latin America, said: … [Read more...]

Scientists forced to moonlight to make extra money

A professor receives a monthly salary equal to the pay of an electricity bill collector. A scientist with a doctorate receives an average of VND3 million a month from the state, which is just enough for 100 bowls of pho. According to Phan Thi Ha Duong from the Vietnam Mathematics Institute, the income is not high enough to cover basic needs, let alone to spend on activities that scientists need to attend such as conferences and international workshops. "With such low salaries, young scientists have to take many types of extra jobs to earn a living. So they have less time to conduct research," Duong said. A high school teacher in Hanoi said several researchers from the math institute have to spend most of their time giving private tutoring lessons to high school students. The teacher was once a basic science university student at Hanoi National University. However, he decided not to work for state-run research institutes, and instead began work as a teacher after getting a … [Read more...]

Viettel, VinaPhone take action, network operator war kicks off

VietNamNet Bridge - VinaPhone has launched a big sale promotion campaign, while Viettel plans to provide 4G services soon. All players have geared up for the competition in the new development stage, with Viettel considered the dominant enterprise. VinaPhone has offered additional 100 percent of scratch card value to its prepaid subscribers in its biggest sale promotion campaigns in recent years. The move kicks off a new war among the three largest mobile network operators. In fact, analysts all foresaw that VinaPhone would ‘do something soon’ after Viettel, with 52 percent market share, became the nation's dominant telecommunications firm, especially after Viettel mentioned its plan to provide 4G services in the time to come. The military telecom firm affirmed that it will provide 4G services with features and utilities much higher than 3G, but at 3G fees. Under current laws, businesses accounting for over 30 percent of the market share are required to register with … [Read more...]

PM urges building of international-level universities

The Hanoitimes - According to a conclusion during the recent Government meeting on excellent universities, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has urged upgrades of Hanoi National University and HCM City National University to exceptional tertiary education facilities towards regional and international standards by 2020. The PM required the two universities to promote their internal strength and responsibility to attract domestic and international investment as well as speed up the renovations of their operations. Looking forward, it is necessary to continue the implementation of underway official development assistance projects, including Vietnam - Germany University, Hanoi Science and Technology University, and Vietnam -Japan University towards international-level facilities, the Prime Minister asked. Thu Minh … [Read more...]