Millions lost in hi-tech shenanigans

The Government Inspectorate says it has detected irregularities involving millions of dollars at the Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park in Ha Noi. A model of Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park. — File Photo The wrongdoings covering investment, land use rights, site clearance and compensation took place between 2004 and 2012, it said in a report (No 446/Tb-TTCP) released on Tuesday. The inspectors found that too much time was taken to make changes to construction plans and expenses listed were not actual. Areas that no construction will take place were not clearly delineated, the report said. The project's estimated cost did not match actual expenses with the gap going up to VND40.1 billion (US$1.9 million). Besides, there were construction violations of VND10.2 billion ($485,000). In 600ha landmine-detecting project, there was a difference of VND7.1 billion ($338,000) between actual expenses and payment vouchers made for salaries and equipment purchases, accounting for 35 per cent of the balance … [Read more...]

Patriotic songs lead Devotion Music nominees

VietNamNet Bridge – Nominations for the Devotion Music Awards have been announced by the Vietnam News Agency's Culture&Sport newspaper in Ha Noi. The annual award will be handed out for categories including best song, best album, best singer, best composer, new artist, best live music show and best television music show. Two songs, Noi Dao Xa (Far Away Islands) and To Quoc Goi Ten Minh (The Motherland Calls My Name), that are sung by singers, along with young people and naval soldiers on the islands displaying their patriotism, will compete for the title of best song of the year. The song Noi Dao Xa was composed by The Song in 1979 and To Quoc Goi Ten Minh is a poem by Nguyen Phan Que Mai which was set to music by Dinh Trung Can in 2011. "We decided to nominate the two songs because of their popularity last year," said reporter Huu Trinh, one of the organisers, at a press conference on Friday. The two songs will compete for the best song of the year award with two … [Read more...]

Cong hien Music Award 2015: My Tam and Tung Duong to vie for the “Best singer”

The Hanoitimes - The Organizing Board of the Cong hien (Devotion) Music Awards 2015 announced Nominees for seven categories this year at the press conference held on March 6. My Tam and Tung Duong will vie for the "Best singer". The seven award categories include Best song of the year, Best new artist, Best new album, Best series of music programmes, Best show of the year, Best musician, and Best singer of the year. This year’s nominee list is concentrated on young faces including Thao Trang, Nguyen Tran Trung Quan, Nguyen Dinh Thanh Tam, Pham Anh Khoa and Ta Quang Thang. Some nominees of Cong hien Music Award 2015 Nominees for "Best song of the year" include "Bon chu lam" by composer Pham Toan Thang, together with two songs on Vietnam’s sea and islands, "Noi dao xa" by The Song and "To quoc goi ten minh" by Dinh Trung Can. Five nominees for "Best series of music programmes are The "Giai dieu tu hao" (Melodies of Pride) TV series, Vietnamese Song, In the … [Read more...]

Cong hien Music Award 2015 features young nominees

Nominees for seven categories of the Cong hien (Devotion) Music Awards 2015 were announced on March 6 by the Vietnam News Agency’s daily The Thao and Van Hoa (Sport and Culture). The annual award, the 10 th of its kind, is voted on by 100 culture and art journalists from different media agencies nationwide and based on various criteria, including creativity and the contributions of the singers and musicians to the diversity and development of the country’s music. The seven award categories include best song of the year, best new artist, best new album, best series of music programmes, best show of the year, best musician, and best singer of the year. This year’s nominee list is dominated by young faces including Thao Trang, Nguyen Tran Trung Quan, Nguyen Dinh Thanh Tam, Pham Anh Khoa and Ta Quang Thang. Up for "Best song of the year" is "Bon chu lam" by composer Pham Toan Thang and "Trot yeu" by Ai Phuong, together with two songs on Vietnam’s sea and … [Read more...]

Young composers aim for awards in new year

Young talented composers like Do Hieu and Pham Toan Thang are introducing quality songs that are expected to win them new achievements in the new year. Composer and music producer Do Hieu (R) has been nominated as Favourite Composer in the HTV Awards competition. It took only one year for composer and music producer Do Hieu to become popular among local music fans. His compositions have become hits of pop stars like Ho Ngoc Ha, and young singers like Noo Phuoc Thinh and Dong Nhi, who are finding ways to renew their music styles. "Working with pop star Ho Ngoc Ha allows me to professionally experiment and improve," said Hieu, who wrote two songs for Ha's latest album Moi Tinh Xua (Old Love Affair) released last May. The ballad Minh Em Voi Em (Only Me) and Nguoi Tinh Oi (My Darling) with a gentle melody and moving words about the loneliness of a woman after an affair has attracted millions of listeners on local online music channels like and The … [Read more...]

The most prominent under-30 faces in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Forbes Vietnam has released its first-ever list of 30 of Vietnam's brightest stars under the age of 30 in different fields, including business, communications, entertainment and sports. The faces on Vietnam’s 30 under 30 list. Photo: Forbes Vietnam "30 Under 30" is a list of rising stars of the future generation in various fields that was issued by Forbes USA magazine for the first time four years ago. This is the first time Forbes Vietnam has published a 30 under 30 list. The candidates for the list were nominated by the public and then selected by the category judges of Forbes Vietnam. Luong Duy Hoai, an outstanding name in the field of electronic commerce. Photo: Forbes Vietnam Pianist Trang Trinh. On the list, there are faces widely known in Vietnam, especially among young people, such as Nguyen Ha Dong (computer game design – Flappy Bird creator), comedian Tran Thanh, blogger Tran Duc Viet - JVevermind (social media) and chess master Le … [Read more...]

Vietnamese traditional Tet celebration draws interest of Lao people

Lao guests try to make ‘banh chung’, an essential Vietnamese dish on Tet holiday (Photo: Toan Thang) NDO – The Vietnamese traditional celebration of Tet (traditional lunar New Year) festival was introduced to the people of Laos at an event held in Vientiane on February 5 by the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Cultural Centre in Laos (VCCL). The event drew much interest from Lao guests as they had the chance to enjoy short films featuring Vietnam’s cultural practices on Tet holiday and directly observe Vietnamese artisans making ‘banh chung’ (square glutinous rice cake), an essential dish of the Vietnamese people on Tet. They were also invited to make 'banh chung' by themselves and learn how to unwrap the cake in the right way. "Banh chung was my favourite dish during the time I studied in Vietnam. At that time I knew it was a dish had by Vietnamese people on their lunar New Year. But I did not know until today that there is a legend … [Read more...]

Forbes Vietnam releases maiden 30 under 30 list, including Flappy Bird creator

Forbes Vietnam unveiled Monday its maiden "30 Under 30" list, featuring 30 Vietnamese individuals who stand out in the industries they are part of, four years after Forbes U.S. introduced the list. "> The list features familiar faces, particularly to young Vietnamese, including Nguyen Ha Dong, the Hanoi-based app developer behind the addictive Flappy Bird mobile game; chess grandmaster Le Quang Liem; star comedian Huynh Tran Thanh; and hot vlogger Tran Duc Viet, aka JVevermind. There are also individuals that are not widely known to the public, but are renowned in their own industries thanks to their achievements, such as Thi Anh Dao, a digital marketer, and Luong Duy Hoai, who specializes in e-commerce. The "30 Under 30" is a list of rising stars, born from 1985 on, of the next generation of leadership in different industries, from business and startup to entertainment and sports, Forbes Vietnam, which debuted in June 2013, said in a press release. "They are full of the … [Read more...]

Artists awarded for musical achievements

VietNamNet Bridge – Composer Vu Cat Tuong scored a hat-trick for his song at Bai Hat Viet 2014 (Vietnamese Song 2014), a television show that runs throughout the year to showcase new songs by Vietnamese writers. Local favourites: Singer Thao Nhi, sound mixer Nguyen Duy Anh, composer Pham Toan Thang and singer Truc Nhan receive their awards on stage in a ceremony held in HCM City's Hoa Binh theatre on Friday. — Photo Yeu Xa (Faraway Love) won the Favourite Song Award as voted for by the public, and also shared the Journalists Council Award with Bon Chu Lam (Four Important Words) by Pham Toan Thang. Tuong, whose song has been watched by nearly 750,000 viewers on YouTube, also won the Passion and Creativeness Award. Bon Chu Lam won the coveted Song of the Year Award, having been watched by 16 million viewers on YouTube over the past four months. Composer Huy Tuan, one of the programme's judges, said that Yeu Xa was a contemporary pop song that revealed … [Read more...]

Art & Entertainment News 21/12

Ha Tinh to preserve 200-year-old dwelling The Ha Tinh Museum is preparing a plan to preserve a 200-year-old "typical Vietnamese house", officials say. The museum staff said they discovered the house in mountainous Huong Son Commune, Huong Khe District during a recent investigative trip. The house is in good condition with all original structures intact, from the gate to the main building. The gate, built with laterite bricks, has complicated carvings on it. The main building includes three sections of a wooden frame that are similar to the nha ruong (wooden house with many beams and pillars) found in Hue. Traditional carvings of birds and flora were also found on the wooden beams. The house's roof is covered by the yin-yang earthen tiles and its walls are made of unbaked clay. Writer Bui Ngoc Tan passes away after long cancer fight Writer Bui Ngoc Tan, 80, passed away on Thursday after many years fighting cancer. Tan was born in 1934 in the northern city of Hai Phong. He … [Read more...]

Lan Song Xanh Music Award 2014 ends

The award ceremony of Lan Song Xanh 2014 was held at Lan Anh music venue in Ho Chi Minh City on December 19. Lan Song Xanh Music Awards aims at honoring singers and musicians who have had outstanding contributions to Vietnamese musical industry during the year. Noo Phuoc Thinh singer Winners of the "Most Favorite Musician" awards included Tien Cookie, Tu Dua, Pham Toan Thang, Vu Cat Tuong, Do Hieu, Nguyen Hong Thuan, Ai Phuong, Pham Hoang Duy, Chau Dang Khoa and Minh Thu. Musician Nguyen Duy Anh was named "Most Effective Sound-Mixing Musician" and Viet Tan "Best Studio". The "Song of the year" went to "4 chu lam" ( The Four A Lot ) composed by Pham Toan Thang and performed by Truc Nhan and Truong Thao Nhi. Singer Ho Ngoc Ha was honored with ‘Album of the Year’ award for Moi Tinh xua (The old love). Gat di nuoc mat (Wipe Away The Tears) written by Do Hieu and performed by Noo Phuoc Thinh won the "Single of the year" title (Photo). Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi, Uyen … [Read more...]

HCM City plans faster relocation of polluting plants

VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City plans to speed up the task of moving production establishments causing pollution out of residential areas. Dong Hung Thuan Commune in District 12 is one of the hot spots of pollution caused by factories, which include those making wood products and welding, waste paper recycling, and printing units. — Photo vtv9 Dong Hung Thuan Commune in District 12 is one of the hot spots of pollution caused by factories, which include those making wood products and welding, waste paper recycling, and printing units. The noise, wastewater and fumes released by these establishments have affected the lives of local residents. Nguyen Toan Thang, chairman of the District 12 People's Committee, said most of the 30-odd factories in Dong Hung Thuan came there from inner city areas in 1997-2001. Most of them have waste treatment facilities but mostly for show to satisfy inspectors, he said. In other outlying districts like Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, and Cu Chi too, … [Read more...]

State-run cinemas ‘dying’ in Vietnam

Scores of state-run cinemas throughout the country – including those in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – are decades past their good old days, with most of which now dilapidated, making serious losses, or closed. These cinemas are a stark contrast to the hi-end privately-owned cineplexes located in inviting shopping and entertainment complexes such as CGV, Lotte, Galaxy, BHD Cineplex, and Platinum Cineplex. A number of state cinemas have been closed, with the remaining acting as a sad reminder of a bygone era when locals would queue for hours to buy tickets. The cinemas, most of which were handed over to state management after 1975, have been slowly grinding to a standstill. While the privately-owned cineplexes boast 3D and 4D screening rooms and hi-end sound technology, most state-run cinemas have only obsolete 2D screening equipment and poor sound systems. All this greatly deters moviegoers, though several offer tickets half as cheap as those at their private … [Read more...]

Social News 18/11

Stop preventable deaths: UNICEF UNICEF has launched a campaign called ZEROworkplace that involves companies in its efforts to eradicate preventable child deaths in Viet Nam. ZEROworkplace enables managers to provide critical information to employees in an inexpensive and effective way that can have a lifesaving impact on their children. "In Viet Nam, 100 children die every day from preventable causes," Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, UNICEF's representative in Viet Nam, said at the launch ceremony in HCM City on Monday. "UNICEF believes this number should be zero." This goal cannot be achieved without the support of the entire community, he said, adding that UNICEF calls on all businesses to join the campaign. Taiwanese footwear manufacturer Pouyuen and Mobivi, a company that offers services to factory workers through its iCare programme, are the first in the country to join the campaign. The two can promote positive behaviours that have the potential to reach half a million employees, … [Read more...]

Outlying districts lack running water

Van Nam Vice Chairman Nguyen Huu Tin on a field trip to districts 12 and Hoc Mon to check the use of clean water on Friday - PHOTO: VAN NAM HCMC vice chairman Nguyen Huu Tin, who made a field trip to the areas to check the situation late last week, heard Nguyen Thi Bach Lan, a resident in Hoc Mon District’s Dong Thanh Commune, saying her family has used water pumped from wells for years. She said her family buys clean water at a high price for drinking and cooking. In fact, Saigon Water Corporation (Sawaco) has yet to install a water pipeline to the area, forcing people there to use unsafe water for daily activities. Nguyen Thi Tiu in Thanh Xuan Ward in the same district said she has been using well water since 1997. District 12 chairman Nguyen Toan Thang said just half of 125,000 households in the district have access to running water from Sawaco while the other half have to use water from wells. In some places water resources are contaminated. In Hoc Mon Town … [Read more...]

Ha Tinh province invites more Singaporean investment

Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh called for more investment from Singaporean firms in the central province Ha Tinh, pledging to improve the locality's investment climate. The Vietnamese Government is committed to ensuring the safety of international enterprises and creating favourable conditions, including for Singaporean firms, Vinh said during a seminar jointly organised by the Singapore Business Federation and the Vietnamese Embassy on November 5, which was attended by representatives from around 100 Singaporean and Asian firms. Ha Tinh enjoys a strategic location in the East-West Economic Corridor, connecting the northern, central and southern regions of Vietnam , he noted. Meanwhile, Chairman of Ha Tinh's People's Committee Vo Kim Cu highlighted the province's potential, advantages and investment opportunities, as well as its preferential policies to attract investment to its industrial parks, including Vung Ang and Cau Treo. Ha Tinh is one of the … [Read more...]

The man who writes letters in search of war martyrs’ relatives

Over the past ten years, a school guard in central Vietnam's Quang Nam Province has written thousands of letters in search of relatives of war martyrs buried at a local cemetery, which he voluntarily tends. Nguyen Phuoc Ha, 45, who works as a security guard at an elementary school in the province's Thang Binh District, has sent over 300 hand-written letters a year to agencies and war martyrs' relatives across the country over the last decade. Thanks to his letters, nearly 100 families have found their loved ones' remains and graves at the Binh Dinh Bac Commune War Martyr Cemetery. During the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975, particularly during the fierce Dong Duong battle in late 1965, several thousand revolutionary Vietnamese soldiers perished and were buried in the area. Among the more than 1,000 graves at the cemetery, which is nestled on a mound amidst lush foliage, 503 remain unidentified, and many remain unknown to their relatives. In 2000, Ha moved in to a small house … [Read more...]

Social News 23/10

More Vietnamese nurses, orderlies recruited to work in Japan The Department for Overseas Labour Management on October 20 announced the recruitment of 180 nurses and orderlies to work in Japan as part of the Vietnam-Japan economic partnership agreements (EPA). Selected candidates will take part in a one-year Japanese-language course, starting in mid-December this year. All expenses for tuition and accommodation are covered, while the cost of health check-ups and passport applications need to be carried by the successful candidates. Deputy Head of the Department for Overseas Labour Management under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Tong Hai Nam said his department was the only one permitted to partner with Japan to implement the programme. He warned that no human resources enterprises or individuals were authorised to carry out this programme, so prospective employees should research carefully and only apply to the government-approved programme. Applicants for the … [Read more...]

Illegal fireworks manufacturing suspected in factory explosion

The illegal manufacturing of fireworks has not been ruled out in the incident which caused an explosion at a factory ostensibly manufacturing fertilizer. Police at the site. The chemicals found after the recent accident at the Dang Huynh Company included potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, anomiac, sulpher and zinc. Because these are the common ingredients for fireworks, the possibility that the facility was being used to produce illegal fireworks has not been ruled out. Results from the pending investigation seem to show that the volatile chemicals were mixed by hand and that gas stoves were used in the packaging and labeling process. The HCM City Police Department of Fire Fighting and Prevention said that it was likely that the company had just been negligent about safety protocol, but the possibility that the facility was manufacturing illegal fireworks could not be ruled out. Three were killed and five injured in the October 17 explosion, which also destroyed at least … [Read more...]

One killed, two missing in explosion in HCM City

(VOV) - One person was killed and four others seriously injured in a blast at a Dang Huynh manufacturing company in Ho Chi Minh City on the afternoon of October 18. Two others remain unaccounted for. When the blast occurred, three workers were at the pesticide plant. The dead victims were identified as Nguyen Thi Cam Tu while the two missing are Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thanh and Huynh Thi Tam. Seven houses within a radius of 50m of the explosion either collapsed or were severely damaged while the roofs of 30 others within a radius of 100m were blown away. Losses are estimated in the billions of Vietnam Dong. As of early morning of October 18, rescue forces were still searching for the two missing people. Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Chairman in District 12Nguyen Toan Thang, announced relevant authorities are investigating the incident. District 12 will also provide financial support for the families and victims of the tragic event, Thang said. Images of explosion at the pesticide … [Read more...]