OCS joining hands with Vietnamese Hop Nhat Company

A partnership agreement has been signed by OCS (Japanese Oversea Courier Service Company) and the Hop Nhat Joint-Stock Company, Vietnam. Under the agreement, Hop Nhat will officially become Vietnam's first and sole private company responsible for issuing Japanese language newspapers and other publications in the country, and OCS's local representative for postal and goods express delivery services. According to OCS representatives, the Vietnamese company will provide convenient services for its clients as the company is a member of City Link (Malaysia) and Courier Link (Singapore) and functions as an agent for several other express deliverers, like DHL, Fedex, and TNT among others. From now on, Hop Nhat will serve all of OCS's clients in Vietnam in delivering postal goods between Vietnam and Japan, as well as from Vietnam to other countries within OCS's network. Source: DDDN Translated by Thu Nguyen … [Read more...]

Wonderbuy sells in American style, goes bankrupted in Vietnamese style

VietNamNet Bridge - For the first time in Vietnam, a Vietnamese American-styled retailer--Wonderbuy, has filed for bankruptcy. The story of Wonderbuy should be seen as a good lesson for home appliance retailers.A miss is as good… Wonderbuy supermarket, belonging to Hop Nhat Joint Stock Company, made debut one year ago. At that time, a lot of people, including reporters, once raised a question that why Wonderbuy decided to set up the retail premises at the crossroads of Nguyen Dinh Chieu-Dinh Tien Hoang, which both are one-way roads and located on the left side. It is obvious that the disadvantageous position of the retail premises has badly affected the retailer's business. There is not much traffic on Nguyen Dinh Chieu road, so it would be not too difficult to drop into the supermarket. However, the number of people going on the road and dropping into the supermarket was modest. It would be a big problem for the people going on Dinh Tien Hoang road to drop into the supermarket, … [Read more...]

Central post enterprises fined for violations

The watchdog of the Ministry of Information and Communications has decided to fine five central post companies VND49 million (US$2,950) in total for wrongdoings in conducting post delivery operations. Authorities said the enterprises are from the central provinces of Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Ngai, and Da Nang City. Thanh Tin and Central Hop Nhat Joint Stock companies were discovered charging customers wrong prices and using poor-quality scales. EPS, T.I.M Express and An Duong Trading Import Export Joint Stock companies have been found operating without a license. Reported by Huu Tra … [Read more...]

Who is ungrateful to the nation?

PANO – Vietnamese people from the cities to the countryside, as well at home and overseas, are enjoying the festive atmosphere of the coming National Day. Joy and happiness has even been multiplied in the revolutionary bases and safe zones as a large number of activities to show gratitude have been held for the local people. Nevertheless, some websites ignorantly claim that the Vietnam Communist Party is "ungrateful." Tan Trao Historical Relic Site. (Photo for illustration) New face of the "Capital" of the liberalized zone Tan Trao commune, Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province was called the Capital of the liberalized zone, where the Tan Trao National Congress issued a historic decision on the General Uprising across the country 70 years ago. Elderly Nong Thi Mo, aged 91 of Tan Lap village, Tan Trao commune, was still moved when recalling the historic days. She said that she was one of the local people who cooked meals for revolutionary cadres during the congress. "70 … [Read more...]

Vietnam always desires peace and independence

PANO – Throughout its history of building and developing the country, the Vietnamese people have had to conduct a number of wars against foreign invaders in order to secure their national independence and freedom. In these long and fierce wars, the nation has suffered numerous sacrifices and pain so the Vietnamese people, more than others, understand the value of peace, independence and freedom. In other words, the desire for peace has become a noble quality and cultural feature of the Vietnamese people. After 80 years suffering in misery, the Vietnamese people, under the leadership of the Party and leader Ho Chi Minh, successfully conducted a general uprising and established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, granting the nation’s long-awaited wish for independence and freedom. All the Vietnamese happily welcomed the birth of the People’s Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the outcome of the August Revolution, and hoped that they would enjoy peace and join hands in … [Read more...]

Upholding August Revolution’s spirit in implementing renewal process

PANO – 70 years ago, seizing the golden opportunity for national independence, the Party led by Ho Chi Minh mobilized the entire population to conduct a general uprising – the August Revolution, smashing the slavery chains of colonialists and fascists, blowing out the semi-feudal colonial regime, gaining power and establishing a people’s democratic republic of Vietnam, the first state of the working class in Southeast Asia. The August Revolution in 1945 has become a glorious and magnificent hallmark in the national history of the country’s building and defense. It had also been the first great victory of the Vietnamese people since the Party was founded and led the revolution, opening a new era of national independence and socialism in Vietnam. With the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Vietnam, Vietnamese people from their slavery position became citizens of an independent country, masters of their own fates and their own lives; Vietnam … [Read more...]

Great significance and value of August Revolution is undeniable

PANO – While Vietnamese people are actively celebrating several big national anniversaries in 2015, there are a number of online sources, which have distorted and denied the Vietnamese national revolutionary achievements. In fact, hostile forces use old-fashioned arguments, saying that the Vietnamese people should not have conducted the August Revolution because there existed the so-called "national government." The "national government" that they mention was, in fact, led by Tran Trong Kim, an anti-revolutionary, and his fellows. What was the Tran Trong Kim government? Those who are voicing opinions against the August Revolution and the Vietnamese national revolutionary achievement surely comprehend that the Tran Trong Kim government was just a puppet government serving Japanese fascists. When Japanese fascists ousted the French colonists in Vietnam, the Japanese wanted to set up a government to rule the local people and repress revolutionary movements nationwide. Although … [Read more...]

Vietnamese military delegation visits MINUSCA

PANO – A high-ranking Vietnamese military delegation led by Major General Tran Van Minh, Chief of the Policy Department of the General Department of Politics, made a five-day working visit to the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA). Photo: qdnd.vn The visit of the Vietnamese military delegation, consisting of representatives of defense agencies and General Departments and Corps under the Vietnamese Defense Ministry, aimed to survey policies and regulations on logistics and technical affairs of the UN and participating nations in MINUSCA. During the visit, the Vietnamese delegation had meetings with MINUSCA Deputy Chief Aurélian Agbenonci; MINUSCA Deputy Military Commander-in-Chief, Major General Shafiuddin Ahmad; and other MINUSCA high-ranking officials, as well as the Indonesian Sapper Company and representatives of the Serb Level-2 Field Hospital in Central Africa. At the working sessions, … [Read more...]

Vietnam aims to promote relations with Malaysia and Singapore

PANO – Relations between Vietnam and Malaysia are going to see another milestone as Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and his spouse are about to visit Malaysia from August 7-8, at the invitation of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. The visit takes place when the friendly and comprehensive cooperation relations between Vietnam and Malaysia are on the move. The two nations are enjoying good political relations on the Party, State, Government and Parliament channels, and an active people exchange. The two sides frequently exchange delegations, including high-level ones such as the meeting between the two Prime Ministers on the sidelines of the 26th ASEAN Summit in April 2015. The two sides have closely cooperated in regional and international forums, particularly in the ASEAN and UN frameworks. PM Nguyen Tan Dung and his lady arriving in Malaysia. Photo: vov.vn On a firm political basis, trade and economic cooperation between the two countries has continuously … [Read more...]

Unity is key to ensure ASEAN’s central role: Deputy PM

PANO – The 48th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM 48) and related conferences in Malaysia was successfully concluded on August 6th. On the occasion, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Foreign Minister gave a press briefing on the outcomes of the conferences, as follows: Reporter: Mister Deputy Prime Minister, could you please clarify the major outcomes of the AMM 48 and related conferences? Deputy Prime Minister: The AMM 48 and related conferences were the most important meetings of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers in 2015 in Malaysia. This is because the conferences served as good platforms for the ASEAN Foreign Ministers to discuss the bloc’s important affairs in the buildup to the foundation of an ASEAN community. The Foreign Ministers also had meetings with the bloc’s partners to discuss relations between the bloc and its partners when an ASEAN community is founded. For these reasons, these conferences are considered important to the bloc and its … [Read more...]

Concerted effort needed to combat false and distorted information

PANO – Recently, hostile forces have increased their activities against the Party and State. In response to their domestic security sabotage campaign, the People’s Army Newspaper in association with the Defence Radio and Television Center, on July 30th, held a seminar themed "Improving the efficiency of preventing toxic information and building a firm political stance," aiming to identify and clarify schemes and tricks used by hostile forces in their campaign against the Party and State, as well as propose ideas for approaches to more effectively combat hostile forces’ information operations. Malicious schemes and sophisticated tricks The seminar attracted a number of experts, scientists and officials from military and civilian units. The organizers also received several reports from other high-profile scholars and officials. Major General Pham Van Huan, Editor-in-Chief of the People’s Army Newspaper, and Senior Colonel Nguyen Kim Ton, Deputy Director of the … [Read more...]

Do not view history through the hole of a coin

PANO – As is traditional when July comes, the entire nation is undertaking various activities in commemoration of fallen and wounded soldiers and revolution contributors who sacrificed their lives, their blood and youth fighting for national independence, peace, freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Surprisingly, some people speak with a different voice in an attempt to distort national history. They consider the national liberation war against American invaders a "civil war" or a "proxy war." They also say that if the nation had avoided fighting the enemy, the country would have become a "Dragon – a big power." More dangerously, they call to reconsider the sacrifices of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers and people in the war. Shameful consideration An overseas fan-page misrepresents history by saying that the war against US invaders for national independence, freedom and unification was just a "civil war," and no respect nor gratitude should, therefore, be paid … [Read more...]

Vietnam consistent with self-reliance policy in protecting national seas and islands

PANO – Against the backdrop of the recent complex regional and global developments, a number of people at home and overseas have shown their views on national defense and security. Of the views and opinions, many advocate the Party’s and State’s defense and security policy as well as the policy on external relations; a few people, who are really political opportunists under the cover of patriotism, show their opposition. The opponents are outspoken about their "loyalty to the nation" and criticize the Party’s and State’s policy, saying that Vietnam "is tying itself" when it pursues the policy "No allying with one country to oppose a third country." They also say that the policy "is not appropriate to the reality" and should therefore be changed. At first glance their suggestions and opinions seem constructive, but in fact they serve the overall scheme of hostile forces, in an attempt to steer Vietnam away from its consistent policy of being independent … [Read more...]

National reconciliation: Listen to your heart’s call

PANO – It has been 40 years since the war ended but national reconciliation remains an issue for open discussion. Recently, we had a debate with an American friend on a social website and the debate has elicited us to write an article about national reconciliation. We have an American friend, named Kyle Horst, who has business in Vietnam and often travels between Vietnam and the USA. Although he has lived for years in Vietnam, he has not really understood the story about the Vietnamese reconciliation after the war. The reason why he could not see the Vietnamese reconciliation process is that he sometimes read online articles posted by some hostile individuals. An art performance highlighting the Vietnamese people's great unity bloc. (Photo for illustration) Although Kyle has good sentiment and sympathy with Vietnam and its people due to a long time living in the country, he cannot have an insight into the long story about Vietnamese reconciliation, which is not easy even … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Party Chief’s visit to USA: A milestone in Vietnam-USA ties

PANO – Right after Vietnamese Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong successfully concluded his official visit to the United States of America (USA), Chief of the Central Commission for External Relations, Hoang Binh Quan, gave an interview to the press on the visit. The People’s Army Newspaper presents the interview as the follows: A historic visit Reporter: Over the past days, the international and domestic opinion highly valued the Vietnamese Party General Secretary’s visit to the USA and viewed it as a historic visit. What do you think about the general assessment of the outcomes of the visit? Mr. Hoang Binh Quan: It is true that the visit has drawn a special attention from the press at home and overseas. With all the happenings relating to the visit, from the time to the agenda and reception, the visit was a historic event and an important milestone in the Vietnam-USA relations. I can clarify my point as the follows: First, this is the first time the Party … [Read more...]

Vietnam always pursues self-reliance policy

PANO – Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong paid an official visit to the United States of America from July 6th to 10th, at the invitation of the Administration of US President Barack Obama. The visit was to boost the comprehensive partnership between the two nations. Generally, the press and media in Vietnam and the USA and across the world highly valued the visit and cheered the development in relations between the two nations. Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (2nd from left) receiving former US President Bill Clinton. Photo: VNA However, before and during the historic visit, several overseas-based online newspapers expressed negative views on Vietnam, and some websites and blogs even tried to direct the public opinion toward their bad perspectives. They also distorted information, fabricated stories, aiming to speak ill of Vietnamese leaders and misrepresent the Party’s policies. Everyone knows that Vietnam practices freedom of information, press and … [Read more...]

New Press Law to improve citizens’ rights of speech and press

PANO – Throughout the last two weeks, the 90th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day was celebrated with various activities taking place across the country. Over the past 90 years, the Vietnam Revolution Press (VRP) has grown up and made great developments. Surprisingly, some overseas press agencies and online websites still have reports based on false and distorted information about VRP and Vietnamese press achievements. With their allegations and shorted-sighted views, they object the progressive amendments to the Press Law and the project to reorganize the Vietnamese press system. Some boldly said that Vietnam has no real freedom of press, and that the "Vietnamese Constitution is opened but the Press Law is closed." Many new rights of press legalized In fact, they have pretended not to understand the amendments to the Press Law and even distorted them in order to ask for a private press. Their arguments are irrational and baseless. They have forgotten the 2013 … [Read more...]

Be alert against poisonous information

PANO – Whenever the country is poised to celebrate a major anniversary, overseas hostile and anti-revolutionary forces enhance coordination with domestic malcontents and political opportunists in deploying sophisticated and wicked tricks and schemes in an attempt to damage the reputation of the Party and State. Particularly, they become more and more active in sabotaging the Party and its high position holders before Party congresses at all levels. Old plot, new tricks With the entire nation striving to successfully fulfill the objectives of the socio-economic development plan to welcome Party congresses at all levels in the buildup to the 12th National Party Congress, plenty of false and distorted information has been posted on social websites and blogs, causing domestic socio-political instability and polluting the information environment. They still use the old means of spreading false information with high frequency and quantity via the internet, but dress it up as the new … [Read more...]

Vietnam always preserves principles of independence and self-reliance

PANO – At this point, the 14th Shangri La Dialogue is still echoed across social networks. Complex geo-political issues and Vietnam’s strategy on defending national sovereignty over its seas and islands remain hot topics for hostile forces to make use of in an attempt to distort Vietnam’s political, security and defense policy and strategy. Some have even asked whether it was time for Vietnam to abandon the "three no" policy: "No joining any military alliance, no allying its self with any country in military terms, no allowing any country to set up a military base in Vietnam, and no relying on one country to oppose a third party." From Vietnam’s theory, historical experiences and geo-political conditions, the Vietnamese people continue to uphold its unchanged principles of independence, self-reliance on making political policy and defence strategy in order to firmly protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity. In doing so, Vietnam is also trying to … [Read more...]