Secondary school students for community

PANO – Students of Nguyen Tri Phuong Secondary School in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi have wrapped 500 chung cake (a square traditional Vietnamese rice cake made from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients) for students in schools in Can Ty and Ta Van communes in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. This was part of activities in the program, "Tet or Lunar New Year of Love", jointly organized by the school and youth committee of the board for child work of the Communist Youth Union Central Committee. Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han instructing the school's students how to wrap chung cakes Apart from chung cake wrapping, students took part in folk games and received calligraphic letters from calligraphists. The event, with the active participation of students, teachers, and famous people like Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han and Meritorious Artist Chieu Xuan, was part of activities to raise students’ responsibilities towards the community, give them a chance to deepen their … [Read more...]

AEC’s impacts on Hanoi development scrutinised

A series of measures was debated at a workshop in Hanoi on September 22 to help the capital make the best of opportunities and take most effective adaptation to challenges that will be generated after the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is formed by the year-end. The workshop is part of efforts made by the municipal authorities aiming to raise public awareness of the regional community and its impacts on the city’s socio-economic development. Speaking at the event, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Ngoc Tuan said Hanoi should assert its role as a pioneer in promoting economic growth nationwide, contributing to the country’s sustainable development target. He said the municipal authorities will direct relevant sectors to design appropriate policies and solutions as well, in order to make the best preparation for its joining in the AEC. Nguyen Thanh Cong, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic Development Studies stressed … [Read more...]

EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 20-31 (daily updated)

DJ Concert with Metro Tokyo Sun 29 Mar 2015, 8 pm Area 21 21 Tran Phu, Hai Phong From Goethe Institut: The waves of the Deutschlandfest are rolling to Haiphong: The day after the big concert by the German band Raggabund their DJ is playing a solo concert in Haiphong. In collaboration with Area 21 cultural center, the Goethe-Institut invites the audience in Haiphong to a DJ-Night with Metro Tokyo. The eclectic style of the Berlin-Beijing resident Metro Tokyo varies between New York Disco, Chicago House and Berlin Techno. Interspersed with some exotic beats from the global underground it's a guaranteed dancefloor hit. The Cologne-born Metro Tokyo aka Philipp Grefer is manager of Nova Heart and co-founder of FakeMusicMedia, M.A.D. Festival & ELECTRIC CITY and Beijing's first disco series DANCE DANGEREUX. As "Metro Tokyo" he has toured about 40 countries and played with well-known artists like Hot Chip or Peter Hook (New Order). He has also DJ-ed for brands and institutions such as … [Read more...]

Bronze mirror – unique antique

A round bronze mirror with the front leveled and polished for reflection is the first ancient mirror collected and stored by the Hai Duong provincial Museum. Antique found during lime pit digging Vu La village in Nam Dong commune (Hai Duong city) is adjacent to national highway 5. The village is "When Hai came to donate the bronze mirror, we were really flabbergasted without knowing what it is, thinking it is scrap iron. No one had the notion that it is a mirror because of the pure thought that mirrors must be made of glass." peaceful with a majestic brick gate built in a traditional architecture, a communal house, pagodas, and two casuarina rows stretching away as far as the eye can see to the village. This is the place where the ancient bronze mirror was found. The person with the merit of detecting the antique is Bui Hong Hai, a resident of the village. Hai was born in 1950 and works as a bicycle repairer at home deep in a small alley. Knowing that we came for the bronze … [Read more...]

Vietnam men fix raincoats, hunt for killer and forest bees

A middle-aged man in central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province has spent 40 years mending raincoats, while another in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak risks his life hunting for highly poisonous hornets as their means of livelihood. The seasonal raincoat fixer Nguyen Van Sy, 55, has patched up raincoats’ holes or rips at a market along the Hoai River in Quang Nam Province’s Hoi An City for 40 years. At 15, while working as a load porter at the market, he taught himself the raincoat patching skill, he recalled. Back in the 1980s, as most people remained poor, the raincoat was quite a valuable item. They didn’t discard even the tattered raincoats but brought them to Sy. Several got patched up up to dozens of times. "I could earn a living and provide for my two children with the job until the thin, convenient raincoats became popular. People now tend to throw away their cheap slickers rather than having them fixed up," Sy shared. A raincoat now … [Read more...]

Exploring romantic charm of Hue(VOV) – Hue – an ancient city located in Vietnam’s central region is

(VOV) - Hue – an ancient city located in Vietnam’s central region is renowned for its many romantic and beautiful landscapes. In 1993 it was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Hue is one of most popular tourists destinations for local and foreign tourists alike, featuring many traditional festivals and has been awarded the title "The City of Festivals". Huong River flows through Hue city Truong Tien Bridge Phu Van Lau at the back of Ky Dai area in Hue City Nghinh Luong Dinh wharf next to Huong River Ky Dai area The gate of Hue imperial city built by Gia Long King in 1805 Ngo Mon, the main gate into Hue Imperial Citadel (or Dai Noi) Hue imperial city in the moonlight Thai Hoa Temple Nine bronze censers (Cuu Dinh) – moulded in the Nguyen Dynasty Ngo Dong flowers blossom in Forbidden Citadel (Tu Cam Thanh) Panorama of Tu Duc Tomb Thanh Toan bridge, 8km away from Hue city in Thuy Thanh commune Bao Vinh ancient streets, Huong Vinh commune … [Read more...]

Disaster-resistant housing assistance benefits disadvantaged in central region

Floods in Bao Vinh old street, Huong Vinh commune, Huong Tra, Hue in Nov 2013. Approximately 40,000 poor households in Central Vietnam's flood risk areas are to receive assistance to build storm-resistant homes in an effort to ensure their safety and help them escape from poverty, a conference heard in Quang Nam province on September 26. According to a decision by the Prime Minister, the beneficiaries will be provided with 12-16 million VND (752 USD), allocated from the State budget. Additionally, they can also borrow a maximum of 15 million VND from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies at an interest rate of 3 percent per year over a 10-year-period. Minister of Construction Trinh Dinh Dung addressed the conference, organised by his ministry, and called upon local authorities to map out precise implementation plans, accelerate the design process for models specific to each area and culture, and timely solve difficulties arising during implementation. This programme is an … [Read more...]

Exploring romantic charm of Hue

(VOV) - Hue - an ancient city located in Vietnam's central region is renowned for its many romantic and beautiful landscapes. In 1993 it was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Hue is one of most popular tourists destinations for local and foreign tourists alike, featuring many traditional festivals and has been awarded the title "The City of Festivals". Some photos: Huong River flows through Hue city Truong Tien Bridge Nghinh Luong Dinh wharf next to Huong River Phu Van Lau at the back of Ky Dai area in Hue City Ky Dai area The gate of Hue imperial city built by Gia Long King in 1805 Ngo Mon, the main gate into Hue Imperial Citadel (or Dai Noi) Hue imperial city in the moonlight Thai Hoa Temple Nine bronze censers (Cuu Dinh) - moulded in the Nguyen Dynasty Ngo Dong flowers blossom in Forbidden Citadel (Tu Cam Thanh) Panorama of Tu Duc Tomb Thanh Toan bridge, 8km away from Hue city in Thuy … [Read more...]

Composer Thuan Yen passes away

Composer Thuan Yen breathed his last at 12:06 p.m. at his house in Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi on May 24 after a long illness. Late composer Thuan Yen Composer Thuan Yen's real name is Doan Huu Cong, who was born in 1932 in Duy Xuyen District, the central province of Quang Nam. He is well-known with songs Bác Hồ một tình yêu bao la (Uncle Ho-an Infinite Love), Chia tay hoàng hôn (A Goodbye in the Sunset), Màu hoa đỏ (The color of Red Flower), Khát vọng (Aspire), Tình yêu không lời (Wordless Love), Người mẹ miền Nam tay không thắng giặc (Southern Mother Defeats the Enemy with Bare Hands) and Mỗi bước ta đi (Every Step We Go). Thuan Yen family is considered as music family. His wife is Dan tranh (Sixteen Stringed Zithe) artist Thanh Huong, daughter is singer Thanh Lam and son is composer and DJ Tri Minh. The 83 year old composer's funeral will be held at the National Funeral Home in Hanoi on May 27 and burial service will take place at Vinh Hang Cemetery on the same day. … [Read more...]

Traditional boat race for 2014 Hue Festival held

PANO - A traditional boat race was held on Huong River in Hue city, Thua Thien-Hue province, on April 19th to welcome the ongoing 2014 Hue Festival. Photo: vnexpress The competition attracted over 300 rowers from 9 teams in districts to compete the men's and women's categories. Besides, thousands of locals and tourists gathered along the river banks to watch the race. Team from Huong Vinh commune, Huong Tra district, ranked first. The event is to promote the sporting spirit, and select the best athletes for the province's team in preparation for the coming 2014 National Sports Games in Hai Duong province. Translated by Pham Huy >> Foreign art troupes register to join Hue Festival >> Hue International Food Festival 2014 to come in mid-April >> Hue Festival promotes global solidarity >> Royal costumes on parade in Hue >> 2014 Hue Festival starts >> Thua Thien-Hue full of festive atmosphere >> Int'l dance … [Read more...]

CEO:success comes to those who try hard

Ho Van Trung, 63, former chairman of Trangs Group, recently published an autobiography titled Gian Truan Chi La Thu Thach (Difficulties are only challenges). The story of a poor child becoming the owner of a big enterprise inspired many Vietnamese people. He talks with Nhat Le about his ups and downs in life. Ho Van Trung was brought into the world in Huong Tra District's Huong Vinh Commune in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on the same day his father died. He started to tend buffalos at the age of four and only had one set of school clothes. After studying one year at Hue University, he moved to Sai Gon (now HCM City) with the hope of changing his life. However, he was imprisoned during the period of 1974 and 1975 because he joined protests against the Nguyen Van Thieu administration. Moreover he was suspected of being a spy and was jailed for a second time. Trung and his wife then moved to Australia and founded Trangs Group in 1985. Since then, the group has … [Read more...]

Kind readers send support to three motherless children

DTiNews readers have sent nearly VND80 million (USD3,800) to support three small children Ha Tinh Province who have lost their mother. The mother of a five-member family in Village 10, Huong Khe District, suddenly passed away just when her youngest child, Que, turned one month old. Quyet, the husband, said, "On January 20, we held a one-month celebration for our youngest child. The next morning, I ran in after hearing Que cry and saw that my wife was already dead. I don't know what happened." His two sons, three-year-old Tai and five-year-old Tam, were too small to fully understand the situation and asked for their mother even during her funeral. Quyet and his three children beside the altar Quyet was born in a poor family with ten children. After getting married, Quyet and Van experienced happiness together even though they are one of the poorest families in the commune. But now he does not have money enough to afford milk for his newborn child. Because … [Read more...]

Hanoi’s peach village prepares for 2015 New Year

VietNamNet Bridge - The Lunar New Year 2014 or Tet holiday has just ended, but gardeners in Nhat Tan flower village in Hanoi have begun to prepare for the next Tet holiday. That Thon, a rare peach variety of Nhat Tan village.   The peach trees that were unsold before Tet bloomed in the garden.   The first lunar month is the month of relaxation and festivals but people in Nhat Tan have begun taking care of their peach garden in preparation for the spring next year.Alluvial was taken from the Red River to replace the old soil in the garden.   Gardeners claim back their rented peach trees to grow back in the garden.   Peach roots are planted.   Ms. Huong, the owner of Huong Vinh garden, is burning peach branches. She said this year she earned VND280 million ($14,000) from selling 40 pine-shaped peach trees for a large entertainment center in Hanoi.    Peach trees are trimmed.   Lime powder is sprayed into the roots to prevent fungal diseases.   A … [Read more...]

Top ten memorable cases of 2013

Tuoitrenews has reviewed the most striking cases that occurred in the past 12 months, including a corruption case at Vinalines that resulted in the death penalty for two ex-leaders of the corporation, and another case involving a doctor who threw the body of a woman into a river after she died post-surgery at his beauty salon.1. Aesthetic doctor throws customer's body into river On October 22, Dr Nguyen Manh Tuong, who owns Hanoi-based Cat Tuong Beauty Salon, was arrested for allegedly causing a woman, Le Thi Thanh Huyen, 37, to die after a botched cosmetic surgery and then, with the aid of a salon's guard, throwing the woman's body into the Hong (Red) River. Huyen came to the salon on October 19 to have abdominal liposuction and breast lift surgery conducted by Dr Tuong. After the surgery, Tuyen's condition became worse and worse. Tuong put her on a respirator and gave her a cardiotonic but could not save her. Tuong and a security guard at his salon carried Huyen's body to Thanh Tri … [Read more...]

Houses presented to needy officer and people

PANO - The Khanh Hoa Provincial Border Guard Command on November 8th handed over two houses to the needy families of Do Van Sang, aged 55 and Phan Thanh Long, aged 44 on Vung Ngan Island, Vinh Nghiem ward, Nha Trang city. The houses were built with VND 120 million, including VND 60 million donated by the Vinpearland One Member Limited Company. Since 2008, the command cooperated with various local departments, organizations and enterprises to build 164 "Warm House" for needy people at border areas and on islands. Earlier, on November 7th, the command presented a comradeship house to the family of Captain Phan Duc Chung, a non-commissioned officer and a scout of Dam Mon Border Post. Chung's family has been confronting numerous difficulties, as his wife has part-time job and he himself has been suffering a fatal illness. The 33sq.m house was built at a cost of VND 120 million. Half of the sum was raised by the Command and the remaining is from his family. Besides, cadres and … [Read more...]

Students vie to enter university

Students crowd calligraphy tables set up at the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi yesterday. Each pays VND100,000 to get a red scroll with calligraphy letters, which they believe will bring them luck for the upcoming exam season.—VNS Photo Thu Huong by Thu Huong HA NOI — Le Thu Ha wipes her brow and struggles through the swarm of students towards the makeshift tables set up outside the Temple of Literature's main hall. Along with everyone else in the crowd, she is braving the sweltering heat to get her hands on one of the red scrolls that lie, neatly tied, on the tables and contain calligraphy bearing messages of good fortune. The 18-year-old from northern Lai Chau Province says she hopes this ritual, undertaken in the shadow of the hall honouring Confucius and his disciples, will bring her luck in her upcoming university entrance examinations. She is attempting to win admission into either the Ha Noi University of Agriculture or the Viet Nam Academy of Traditional Medicine. "I came to … [Read more...]

Breakfast @ Tuoitrenews – May 28

Briefs of some of leading news stories published Tuesday (May 28) in Tuoi Tre Newspaper that will be carried today on Politics: -- A consular representative of the Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs met representative of the China Embassy in Hanoi on May 26 to deliver a diplomatic note to protest China's ship to crash on a fishing boat of Vietnam on May 20 and demand the Chinese side to pay compensation for the loss, according to Luong Thanh Nghi, the spokesman of the Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. -- French cruiser L'Adroit of the French Navy visited Hai Phong Port on May 27 and will stay there till June 1. Society: -- The installment of black box on passenger buses shows the result that a bus drives over the speed limit 22 times a day on average, according to Nguyen Van Huyen - chief inspector of the Ministry of Transport. -- The birth rate in Ho Chi Minh City has returned its gender balance with an average of 106 boys over 100 girls. It is now 112 / … [Read more...]

Cyclone in north central region leaves massive damage in aftermath

Residents in Minh Hoa District of Quang Binh Province and Huong Khe District of Ha Tinh Province in the north central region are now busy repairing the damage in the aftermath of the recent cyclone, in which hundreds of houses collapsed or were left roofless. Support has come from the people's committees in both the districts, for people to resume life back to normal as soon as possible. On April 23, a sudden cyclone accompanied with heavy rain, thunder and lightning had lashed Huong Long Commune in Huong Khe District of Ha Tinh Province, leaving immense destruction across vast areas. Lightning struck and destroyed a house belonging to Hoang Xuan Dinh, killing a three-year-old boy and rendering unconsciousness one woman. At the time the lightening struck, both were inside the house. Two men were also reported injured, nearly 200 houses were left roofless and tens of hectares of vegetables and fruit trees in neighboring communes like Huong Vinh and Gia Pho were destroyed by the … [Read more...]

VPPC aims at 1.2 percent power saving

(VEN) - "Vinh Phuc Power Company (VPPC) is pushed forward with activities to achieve a 1.2 percent saving in commercial power usage this year including promoting power saving at local households, signing commitments to reduce power consumption with local businesses, and minimizing power losses to the grid," Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc Power Company Phan Thanh An said in an interview with Vietnam Economic News' Bao Ngoc and Thu Huong.What is Vinh Phuc Power Company's solution to ensure sufficient power supply during the dry season this year? Vinh Phuc Power Company (VPPC) Vinh Phuc was assigned to supply 1.276 billion kWh during the dry season of this year, which will generally meet the local demand for power.  In addition to solutions to ensure the local power supply during the dry season, VPPC will promote power saving and efficient use so as to further reduce the power loss rates. Vinh Phuc Power Company already saved 13.6 million kWh last year, hitting 103 percent of the assigned … [Read more...]