374 artists honoured

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Social News Headlines 8/4

Kidnapped child rescued after 9 hours

Winning radio programs with lively stories from the real life

Uninterrupted practice tests make students whirl

Vocational lessons help minority youth

Hospital refuses to accept traffic accident victim

First illegal low-income housing trading case uncovered: report

Main Character is Businesses

Door to open to social housing policy

Low-income housing was ‘sold to well-off buyers’

Cholera strikes Mekong Delta

Raids to illegal oil waste processing facilities

Taxi firms to raise fares after petrol price hike

HCMC TV’s Cai Luong Contest

Rivers of misery head

Former gov’t accountant to face prosecution

State employee nabbed for conning job seekers

600 billion VND to be loaned by Techcombank

Quang Nam promotes central region with Tourism Year 2006