374 artists honoured

Vietnamese artists. The Ministry of Culture and Information announced on Tuesday the President's decision on presenting 36 People's Artists titles and 333 Artist of Merit titles to those who have made a distinct contribution to national culture. The artists who receive the People's Artist titles include Nguyen Xuan Hoach, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, Vu Thi Mai Phuong, Phan Doan Tan, Do Thi Phuong Bao, Nguyen Trung Duc, Hoang Van Khiem, Le Hung, Nguyen Lan Huong, Bui Dac Su, Ngo Thi Quam, Do Doan Chau, Thai Van Hien, Hoang Tien Dung, Nguyen Ngoc Truc, Ngo Xuan Huyen, Nguyen Thanh Tong, Tran Dinh Sanh, Nguyen Thi Hoa Binh, Phan Dat Truong, Le Huy Quang, Nguyen Huu Tuan, Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Pham Quang Vinh, Nguyen Quang Loi, Le Ngoc Cuong, Tran Thanh Binh, Ngo Thi Kieu Ngan, Pham Anh Phuong, Do Tien Dinh, Ngo Dang Cuong, Tran Kim QUy, Trinh Xuan Dinh, Nguyen Vu Hoai, Nguyen Khai Hung, and Nguyen Viet Cuong. Three other artists, including Tran Khanh, Do Trong Thuan and Bui Huy Hieu, were also … [Read more...]

Social News Headlines 8/4

New leader for AIDS, drug committee Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has been named the Chairman of the National Committee for AIDS, Drug and Prostitution Prevention and Control. According to Prime Ministerial Decision No. 458/QD-TTg, signed on April 2, Deputy PM Dam will replace Deputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc in the position from the signature date.- Thai drug dealer's death penalty upheld The Supreme People's Court in HCM City yesterday rejected the appeal of a 32-year-old Thai national, Chimongkol Suaracha and handed him death penalty for illegal drug trafficking. During the first trial, the HCM City People's Court was informed that the Vietnamese authorities had detected nearly 2 kilograms of heroin concealed in two albums in Chimongkol's luggage as she entered Viet Nam's Tan Son Nhat International Airport on October 1, 2012. The Thai woman, who is a university graduate, had been promised a job at an automobile company in Viet Nam by a stranger, before being taken to … [Read more...]

Kidnapped child rescued after 9 hours

HCM CITY (VNS) — Police in HCM City's District 10 on Saturday rescued a five-year-old girl within nine hours of her being kidnapped from the Peadiatric Hospital No 1. The hospital's cameras recorded the child being picked up by a strange woman while her mother was at a registration desk. After the child and kidnapper, 23-year-old Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, were identified, the police spread out throughout District 4 in the afternoon and rescued the child. Tam escaped but was arrested yesterday morning when she returned to the hospital, police said. — VNS … [Read more...]

Winning radio programs with lively stories from the real life

(VOVworld)- Radio the Voice of Vietnam has won 9 prizes at the National Press Award. They include 2 A, 2 B, 2C and 3 consolation prizes. Award ceremony of the National Press Award 2012 This year, Radio the Voice of Vietnam had 25 entries to the National Press Award. According to Ha Minh Hue, Vice President of the Vietnam Journalists' Association, winning programs for VOV fully and objectively reflect different aspects of the country. Many of these works are innovative and many lively programs express international and national issues. Mr. Hue says:"This is a successful award season. Winning press works, especially those which won high prizes, do not pursue sensational topics but deeply analyze the nature of the issue with vigor stimulating the public. They include the series on the earthquake in Tranh River hydro-power plant and the Dien Bien Phu victory in the air by Radio the Voice of Vietnam". Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung presented A prize to VOV reporters for the program … [Read more...]

Uninterrupted practice tests make students whirl

VietNamNet Bridge - The university entrance exams would begin in only one month. However, examinees have been in a whirl with mock exams. 10 practice tests a monthIt's now the busiest time for high school 12th graders, who have to gear up for the high school finals to take place in early June and for the university entrance exams to take place in early July. To prepare for the two most important exams in their lives, students have been trying to attend a series of mock exams to get adapted to the exams.Nguyen Dieu Linh from the Luong The Vinh High School, complained that she has to attend too many practice tests - the two final and 2 university entrance mock exams organized by the school where she studies, three at the University of Education's exam preparation center. Besides, Linh intends to register to attend the two mock exams at the University of Technology's exam preparation center as well."I have to attend a lot of practice tests to get familiar to the exams and psychologically … [Read more...]

Vocational lessons help minority youth

HCM CITY (VNS)— Under the scorching sun in a rice field in Central Highland Gia Lai Province, four ethnic minority youths repair a mechanical plough. Dinh Xen, one of the four, said they had dismantled the machine to repair and clean it. Xen and the other three, Dinh Khup, Dinh Den and Dinh Tham, of De Ba village in KBang District, can now repair farm implements after attending a training course organised by the province's Job Services Centre. In the past the locals had to look for mechanics from elsewhere to repair broken agriculture machinery. Similarly, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam of Tu Chrang village in the district grows mushrooms after attending a training course organised by the local commune. "I liked learning how to grow mushrooms because the farming techniques are simple and materials for growing mushrooms are available here," she said. "I can earn extra income from growing mushrooms." Tam and Xen are among thousands of youths in Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) provinces to … [Read more...]

Hospital refuses to accept traffic accident victim

The Quang Tri General Hospital reportedly refused to accept a traffic accident victim on Tuesday, pronouncing him dead and saying it could not receive dead bodies. Local police officer Le Manh Hung said his group had asked a taxi to drive Le Thi, 57, whose motorbike had been hit by a truck, to the Quang Tri General Hospital at 11 a.m. But the taxi driver, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, returned more than 30 minutes later with Thi's dead body. Tam said no one at the hospital carried the patient inside. One doctor came to check the patient in the taxi itself, said the patient was dead and left. She waited for another 20 minutes at the hospital morgue but a guard said they couldn't let her bring the body inside as she was not accompanied by any police officer. "I could do nothing but bring the body back to the scene," Tam said. Several people brought a mat and a blanket to cover the body until 2 p.m. when his family came from nearby Quang Binh Province. Police officer Hung said … [Read more...]

First illegal low-income housing trading case uncovered: report

Hanoi police said they have discovered the first case of illegal trading in low-cost housing, following reports that some apartments developed for the poor were offered to better-off buyers. The Ngo Thi Nham Building, the first-ever low-income housing project in Hanoi News website VnExpress on Thursday reported that Cao Thi Loan was found to have sold her VND600 million (US$29,000) apartment to another buyer for VND1.1 billion. The apartment belongs to the Ngo Thi Nham Building in Ha Dong District, the first-ever low-income housing project in the capital city. Eligible buyers from the project are not allowed to sell these apartments to anyone other than the developer in the first ten years. Loan's buyer, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, told the police that she only lent Loan some money and, in return, she was allowed to stay in the apartment. Investigators rejected her claim, saying that they were involved in a trading transaction. "Tam was holding the key. She also bought … [Read more...]

Main Character is Businesses

After nearly half a century of operations, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is an established representative of the business community, and operates for the benefit of business community development. All of VCCI's operating criteria and actions are directed by these goals. VCCI took the lead in creating a dialogue mechanism for the government leader with the business community, evidenced by resounding activities with the Prime Minister in the past years. The first meetings were very emotional, from grievances of injustice from businesses to their constructive ideas for the formation of more open, conducive business environment, paving the way for friendly, open dialogues between the Government, ministries and State agencies with the business community. During these activities, VCCI proposed important programmes and solutions to the Government, especially the national business development programme where the centre is to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese … [Read more...]

Door to open to social housing policy

Current social housing regulations need further revision. Under existing laws, social housing owners are illegible to sell and rent their houses. A violation was currently unveiled in Hanoi's Ha Dong district associated with a social housing project for low-paid people. Accordingly, owner Cao Thi Loan sold her apartment at the residential complex for low-income people which she just bought to buyer Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam to catch in profits of around VND500 million ($24,000). The case was later detected when the buyer repaired the flat. Hanoi People's Committee asked developer Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Joint Stock Company to join efforts with the police and construction bodies to scrutinise the case and take back the flat. The city's agencies, however, could not cancel the house purchase contract in light of existing regulations though in the above-said case the violation was apparent. Accordingly, Decree 71/2010/ND-CP dated June 23, 2010 detailing and guiding the … [Read more...]

Low-income housing was ‘sold to well-off buyers’

VietNamNet Bridge - Vice chairman Phi Thai Binh of the municipal People's Committee on Wednesday asked Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Joint Stock Company, investor of the Ngo Thi Nham low-income housing project in Ha Dong District, to confiscate a flat involved in an illegal transaction. This case represents the first regulatory violation concerning the purchase and renting of low-income apartments after sales first began in September. The city stipulated that well-off people who pretended to be poor in order to buy or rent a low-income apartment would have to surrender the dwelling and pay stiff fines if they were caught. In addition, those who took advantage of their special positions to sell, buy or rent homes would also face criminal proceedings. Deputy head of Ha Noi's Police Office for the Prevention of Crime on Order, Economics Management and Position Dau Van Lien said Cao Thi Loan was eligible to buy an apartment but then sold the apartment to … [Read more...]

Cholera strikes Mekong Delta

Ha Noi — Seven patients in five weeks have gone down with cholera in the Mekong delta province of An Giang, putting the provincial health department on high alert to prevent an epidemic. "The cholera patients were all from Cambodian provinces that have borders with Viet Nam," said Vo Huy Danh, deputy director of An Giang's Preventive Medicine Centre. "Cholera could spread fast - if we don't prevent it - as trading in border zones increases with the approach of Tet." An Phu District hospital director Tran Van Sang said the first cholera patient was a nine-year-old girl named Nit from Takeo Province in Cambodia. When Nit was hospitalised, she was in cardiovascuar collapse and had extremely low blood pressure. Two days later, Nit's sister was also hospitalised in the same condition. Three other patients who lived in the same neighbourhood were later hospitalised with cholera. Family members of the patients said they had used water from the same river to cook and drink and had eaten raw … [Read more...]

Raids to illegal oil waste processing facilities

Recently, functional agencies discovered many oil waste processing facilities without committments of environmental protection. Fumes from the boiling of oil had been polluting the environment around the site … The provincial Public Security's Environment Police Division (PC36) in cooperation with Tan Uyen district division of Environment-Natural Resources made a raid on Hai Dang Ltd Company in Dat Cuoc commune, Tan Uyen district, cooking thousands of oil waste liters. Police said that they found out 14 cans containing 13,000 litres of oil waste. They also found 14 cans of nearly 2,800 litres of oil waste that the company had boiled. Huynh Van Canh, director of Hai Dang company, told the police that he had lent the plot to Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam. Tam is the owner of a facility in Dinh Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot town that was found boiling oil in July. The province's environment police division uncovered 25 tonnes of oil waste at her facility without any commitment of environmental … [Read more...]

Taxi firms to raise fares after petrol price hike

The Hanoi Times - Nearly o­ne week after the petrol price rose by 700 dong per litre, three taxi firms, Mai Linh, Huong Lua and Van Xuan, have announced they will raise taxi fares by 500 dong per kilometre.Do Quoc Binh, Chairman of the Hanoi Taxi Association, confirmed the information yesterday, July 6.Binh added that these were the first three taxi firms to propose the Hanoi Taxi Association approve fare increases after the petrol price was raised last week.Two of the three firms, Huong Lua and Mai Linh, plan to apply the new fares this week, while Van Xuan, July 14. Binh said that the 500 dong per kilometre increase was set after considering the petrol price increase and reasonable profit for businesses.Previously, Binh said that the market would see three taxi fare increase levels, 7, 10 and 12 percent. The 7 percent increase would be made by firms which raised fares recently already. Meanwhile, taxi firms which had not adjusted their fares after four petrol price increases would … [Read more...]

HCMC TV’s Cai Luong Contest

The final rounds of a cai luong contest organized by Ho Chi Minh City Television began last week.            Contestant Nguyen Ngoc Le The contest that began on September 22 saw the jury whittle the 300 contestants down to just 10 for the final at the HTV Theater. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, Le Quoc Phong, Vo Thi Tri, Nguyen Thi Nhon Hau, Dao Van Vu Thanh, Vo Thanh Phe, Nguyen Ngoc Le, Le Minh Hao, Tran Thi Nhu Huynh, and Pham Anh Chang are the ones who will battle for top honors. The final opened with contestants charming the jury and audience with vong co songs (Southern Vietnamese folk songs performed in the cai luong opera). Besides discovering young talent, the competition also aims to keep alive the tradition of cai luong and foster a love for the folk opera among young people. The competition, Chuong Vang (Golden Bell) Vong Co, wraps up on November 20.   … [Read more...]

Rivers of misery head

Rapid socio-economic development over the recent years has adversely affected the river basin environment. Nguyen Thi Vi, a fisherwoman living o­n the banks of the NhueRiver in northern Ha Tay province's Ha Dong city like other local residents in the past 15 years, used to use river water to keep her family afloat during its day-to-day existence. Some of her neighbours even filtered the water and used it for cooking rice. But, during recent dry seasons, she dares not use it for watering her small vegetable garden o­n the riverbanks. When asked about the reason, Vi pointed her hand to litter floating o­n the surface of the river and said it was o­ne of the culprits that made her vegetable garden wither. The pollution has also forced Vi and her husband out of work. She is now a small vegetable trader and her husband is a hired labourer. Two fishing boats she used to use for earning her daily living are now as lifeless as the river's fish-life. "Even if we have fish for sale, people will … [Read more...]

Former gov’t accountant to face prosecution

The Hanoi police department charged Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, a former Government Inspectorate accountant, with fraud Thursday. Tam is accused of receiving VND473 million in total from 10 people whom she agreed to supply with jobs at state agencies and labor export companies that never materialized, according to police. Victims claimed that Tam charged VND20-25 million per head between November 2005 and April 2006. Tam was arrested in June. Reported by Nguyen Viet Chien … [Read more...]

State employee nabbed for conning job seekers

Police in Hanoi have arrested an ex-accountant in the Government Inspectorate for cheating nine people out of US$40,500 by pretending to be a senior official who could find them government jobs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, 44, was fired last August for claiming to be an inspector in charge of investigating corruption crimes at large state offices and, thus, able to pressure their leaders into giving jobs. A source told Thanh Nien Tuesday that even after being dismissed, she continued to con people, taking VND25-30 million ($1,875) for domestic jobs and $5,000-$7,000 for overseas jobs. She has not returned the money to any of her victims so far. Reported by Viet Chien - Translated by A.N.O.N … [Read more...]

600 billion VND to be loaned by Techcombank

Processing cashew nuts. Photo: vnexpress Vice chairman of Vietnam Cashew Nuts Association reported that rude cashew nut output in 2006 reduced by 20% compared to that of 2005 (350,000 ton) and export turnover in the first 9 months stood at 366 million USD. In fact, most of cashew nut producing enterprises is running short of capital to boost production. Realizing this problem, at a seminar "Techcombank and cashew nuts producing sector" on Dec.28, Techcombank's deputy director general Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam said that in 2007, it would provide loans of 600 billion VND to these enterprises under various forms. The loans might be a package deal from purchasing to exporting, restructuring to increase production and business efficiency or renewing technology for better competitiveness and avoiding risks… Source: NLD Translated by Hoang Anh … [Read more...]

Quang Nam promotes central region with Tourism Year 2006

The National Tourism Year 2006 will kick off in Quang Nam today, offering visitors the chance to discover more about the central province during the year-long event. The opening ceremony - to be broadcast live by Vietnam Television - will take place at three stages in the historic town of Hoi An, the My Son holy land and the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. Tran Minh Ca, head of the Quang Nam Tourism Year 2006 Organizing Committee, said more than 650 artists would perform in the opening ceremony, many of them are visitors and local residents. Most of the stage programs would focus on featuring the folk culture of the central region, said Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, director of Hanoi-based Son Lam Tourist Co., which is in charge of running the festival declaration ceremony. The floating stage on the Hoai River in Hoi An is a model of Chua Cau (Pagoda Bridge), one of the typical Japanese architecture works in the historic town, and a large flowered lantern. Tam said the stage in … [Read more...]