Nissan: Leading Sales Growth in China Among Japanese Automakers

(VEN) - Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (NCIC) on January 10, 2011 announced its sales performance including Infiniti for the whole year of 2010: altogether 1,023,638 units sold in the China market, a 35.5 percent sales growth compared to a year before. Infiniti division sales doubled with 11,513 units sold. In the year of 2010 Nissan's sales in China became the largest over those in US and Japan.  "This has been a productive year for Nissan in China." said Takashi Nishibayashi, president of Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd, "With the product lineup expanding continuously and our increasing investment in China, Nissan will manage to keep our strong momentum in this booming market." Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL PV), under the management of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), Nissan's joint venture in China, set a record sales at 660,610 units, a 27.3 percent increase compared to the year of 2009. Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (ZNA), also under the management of … [Read more...]

Car importers look to beat road block

Local car importers are trying to continue business in the face of Circular 20/2011/TT-BCT restricting car imports. Most recently, Kars Haiphong International Company Limited, a wholly foreign owned subsidiary of Kars Motor Group in Vietnam, sent to Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) a record relevant to import of less-than-nine seat Nissan automobiles made in Taiwan into Vietnam. The record carries a proxy given by Yushin Motor Company Limited, a unit having the right to distribute Nissan brand automobiles in Vietnam which is also a subsidiary of Yulon Nissan Motor Group, a legitimate manufacturer and owner of Nissan brand vehicles in Taiwan. It also contains a certification proving Kars Haiphong is a licenced automobile maintenance unit by the Vietnam Register. The company is now awaiting an official response from the MoIT about whether it could import and distribute Nissan automobiles made in Taiwan into Vietnam. Earlier in January 20, 2012 the MoIT responded to a Nghe An … [Read more...]

Hoang Huy cuts deal with Dongfeng to assemble trucks

HCMC - Haiphong-based Hoang Huy Financial Services Investment JS Co. on Thursday signed a comprehensive investment and cooperation agreement with China's Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd in HCMC to assemble Chinese-branded trucks in Vietnam. The local company will become the sole partner in Vietnam of the Chinese vehicle manufacturer, and is authorized to import, assemble and distribute heavy trucks and dump trucks in the local market. Do Huu Ha (R), general director and chairman of Hoang Huy Co., exchanges the signed agreement with Hu Jianguo representing China's Dongfeng Motor Company - Photo: Quoc Hung In the short term, Hoang Huy will import and distribute Dongfeng's trucks from China for sale on the local market. Then, the Chinese partner will transfer technology to the local partner to assemble Dongfeng vehicles in Vietnam. Dongfeng has more than 40 years' experience in the auto industry. The company has exported its products to more than 58 countries and territories. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese film wins Toronto International Film Festival for best feature

Vietnamese film Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass" has just won the best film at the Kids International Film Festival, part of the Toronto International Film Festival. A scene in the Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2016 attracted 157 films from 39 countries. Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass was the only entry from Vietnam. Based on the novel by best-selling author Nguyen Nhat Anh, the film is set in the mid-1980s in a small village, telling the story of two young brothers who share everything, but compete for the affection of the same girl. Commissioned by the government and produced by the HCM City-based Galaxy Studio last year, the VND20 billion (US$899,000) work earned around VND80 billion (3.59 million) in ticket sales. It will be distributed abroad by Fortissimo Films Hong Kong. The film earlier won the Golden Lotus Award for best feature film at the 2015 Vietnam Film Festival. The movie also won the best film award at the Silk Road … [Read more...]

HCM City celebrates Reunification Day

HCM City, April 27 (VNA) - Streets and parks in Ho Chi Minh City will be alive with festivities in celebration of the 41 st anniversary of the country’s Reunification Day (April 30) and Labour Day (May 1). A cultural programme called To Quoc (Homeland) will open on April 28 night and take place every night until May 1. It is organised by the HCM City School of Dance (HSD) in cooperation with its partners, Hong Hac Entertainment and HCM City Youth Cultural House, highlighting revolutionary music. Songs in praise of the country written by famous composers such as Hoang Viet, Hoang Hiep and Phan Huynh Dieu will be performed by opera artists of the city’s Music Conservatory. A series of dances choreographed by Ha The Dung, Ta Thuy Chi and Luong Xuan Thanh will be highlighted. The dances portray the victory of Vietnamese under the French and American wars, featuring 40 young dancers of the city’s ballet (with the HCM City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra) and HSD. … [Read more...]

City hosts cultural activities celebrating national holidays

The city is being festively decorated for the holiday weekend and bustling with fun activities for the whole family. Many of the city entertainment venues are busy these days preparing exciting activities and entertainment programs in order to mark the National Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1) more enjoyable for the city residents. The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event will be held at Dam Sen Cultural Park in the evening from April 30-May 1 with the participation of pop stars, Dam Vinh Hung, Thu Minh, Thanh Thao and among. The park will also see a food fair featuring popular dishes of Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. Suoi Tien Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City will open new entertainment woks costing VND80 billion, including Golden & Silver Feng Shui square, Suoi Tien green islet, Teambuilding games, 9D Action Cinemas to attract more visitors. The Ho Chi Minh City Organizing Committee for National Holidays is planning … [Read more...]

Vietnamese film wins prize at children’s international film fest in Canada

A Vietnamese film has won a significant prize at an international film festival for children in Canada. ‘Toi Thay Hoa Vang Tren Co Xanh’ (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass), a film by Victor Vu, was named the winner of Young People's Jury Award – Best Feature Film at the 2016 TIFF Kids International Film Festival, held from April 8 to 24. The film is based on a novel of the same name, written by Nguyen Nhat Anh, a best-selling author whose books are popular with young Vietnamese readers. ‘Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass,’ premiered in Vietnam on October 2, 2015, tells the story of two brothers who live happily in a small coastal village during the late 1980s. Famously filmed in Phu Yen Province just north of Nha Trang, in the story the brothers unwittingly compete with each other for the affection of the same little girl. The TIFF Kids awards, presented annually in April, are among the largest children’s film festivals in the world, … [Read more...]

Kids escape heat at Saigon Polar Expo

(VOV) - Outside the temperature is in the mid-twenties, inside it’s well below freezing. The Saigon Polar Expo is a giant warehouse-like building full of ice sculptures and giant fans keeping things freezing. With temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero Celsius, warm jackets are essential (photo:zing) The new entertainment venue opened April 14 in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City. (photo:zing) It will stay open to the public at large through February 28, 2017. (photo:zing) Tickets for adults and children are equally priced at US$8 (VND180,000) per person on normal days and US$9.40 (VND210,000) on holidays. (photo:zing) For further information, contact 1800 8082, 08 6654 6410 – 08 6654 6412 – 08 6654 6413 or visit the Facebook page of Saigon Polar Expo. (photo: zing) Photo: zing (Photo:zing) (Photo:zing) (Photo:zing) (Photo:zing) Indoors kids pelt frozen balls of ice at anyone within range and slide down a real slippery dip of solid ice. … [Read more...]

Launching “Action month for children”

Illustrative image (Cinet)- Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as relevant ministries will organize "action month for childre in 2016" with a theme of "For a safety life, accident and injury prevention for children" on June 01-30. In Official Dispatch No.1340/BVHTTDL on April 20, 2016, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism requires some departments of culture, sports and tourism, Department of Culture and Sports in some provinces/cities positively organize some activities for children as follows: 1. Increasing more quality for associating with some departments, agencies, goverments and familities to prevent accident and injury for childre, especially drowing to ensure a safte life and healthy environment. In detail, propagandizing some activities nearby the river; warning some parents to take care of childern in the location nearby the river. Children’s forums will be held at different levels so that children can raise their proposals on the prevention of … [Read more...]

First Vietnamese money gallery inaugurated

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) on April 25 opened a gallery exhibiting Vietnamese money at its headquarters in Hanoi, the first of its kind in Vietnam, displaying various types of Vietnamese money, some of which date back to the feudalism era. A jar of ancient coins dating back to the 12th – 16th centuries discovered in Thai Nguyen in 1994 SBV Deputy Governor Dao Minh Tu said that the Vietnamese money gallery will be the precursor to a future Money Museum. The gallery showcases the Vietnamese money system over different periods from the primitive form of currency to the current monetary form as well as artefacts related to the history of money and money printing in Vietnam. On the occasion, the SBV debuted the book 'History of the Vietnamese Banking Sector' and a scientific research project entitled 'History of Vietnamese Money - The Formation and Development' as part of activities to mark the 65th anniversary of the Vietnamese banking sector. The research project … [Read more...]

Korean famous DJ Rana is coming to Hanoi

One of the most sought after DJs in Seoul has announced she is coming to Hanoi on April 30 to perform at a private music event at a local club. DJ Rana Party-goers will get a chance to experience the Korean clubbing scene and culture as DJ Rana, more popularly known as Rana Kim, who is formerly a member of the K-Pop group Nine Muses – will be spinning the night with some of her greatest mix. Even though she only recently joined the EDM scene, DJ Rana has previously played at prestigious DJ events such as World DJ Festival and The Phoenix Park party. Details of the private engagement have not been made public as of yet, but are expected to be released in the near future. VOV … [Read more...]

Asian Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship to kick off in Quang Ninh

The 2016 Asian Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship is scheduled to kick off tomorrow at the Tuan Chau International Entertainment Arena in the northern coastal city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh province. The event attracted the participation of three Vietnamese teams, as well as teams from Japan, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Thailand. The annual tournament, one of two main events of the Asian Beach Volleyball Federation, will give Vietnamese athletes a chance to hone their skills to prepare for the Asian Beach Games in Da Nang in September. The event will run until May 1. All matches will be broadcast live on VTV6 channel. VNS … [Read more...]

Primary school students overburdened because of home exercises

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has told primary school teachers not to give home exercises to students who have two learning shifts a day. But students still have too many exercises to do. The headmaster of a primary school in Phu Nhuan district, HCM City, one day received a parent who complained that her son was asked to spend all of his holiday to solve math questions. "My son said he needs to solve math questions and write down on seven pages, that he needs to write one page every holiday day," the parent said. "At first, I thought that my son had to do homework because he was punished for some mistakes. But I later realized that all of his friends had to do math as well," she said. The school’s headmaster explained that the teacher told students to do homework during the holiday because she feared the students might play too hard and forget necessary knowledge. However, the headmaster agrees that this was not a good educational … [Read more...]

HCM City celebrates Reunification Day with entertainment activities

Streets and parks in HCM City will be alive with festivities in celebration of the 41st anniversary of the country’s Reunification Day (April 30) and Labour Day (May 1). Organised by the HCM City School of Dance (HSD), in cooperation with its partners, Hong Hac Entertainment and the HCM City Cultural House of Students, a cultural programme will open tomorrow night and take place every night until May 1. A cultural programme called To Quoc (Homeland) will open tomorrow night and take place every night until May 1. It is organised by the HCM City School of Dance (HSD), in co-operation with its partners, Hong Hac Entertainment and HCM City Youth Cultural House. Revolutionary music will be highlighted. Songs in praise of the country written by famous composers such as Hoang Viet, Hoang Hiep and Phan Huynh Dieu, will be performed by opera artists of the city’s Music Conservatory. A series of dances choreographed by Ha The Dung, Ta Thuy Chi and Luong Xuan Thanh will be … [Read more...]

Exhibition showcases young architects’ work in HCM City

Some 17 works of seven best young architects in HCM City are being displayed at the first Saigon Architects Exhibition organised at the HCM City Architecture University to May 5. The Saigon Architects Exhibition offers students and professionals a public space where they can share their experiences and show their work. Jointly organised by, a community of architects in Vietnam and the university, the exhibition offers students and professionals a public space where they can share their experiences and show their work. The exhibition is displayed on a space covered by a frame in the shape of cocoon made by students and members of a21studio. The structure is made of traditional Vietnamese materials such as bamboo and dó (poonah)paper. Architects taking part in the exhibition include Nguyen Hoa Hiep, Nguyen Hoang Manh, Nguyen Qui Nhon, Tran Thi Ngu Ngon, Pham Nhan Tho, Dam Huynh Quoc Vu, and Do Quoc Hiep. The event is sponsored by Eurasia Concept, which … [Read more...]

The Grand Ho Tram Strip announces holiday promotion

The Saigon Times Daily It will bring Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland to life by transporting guests into the Mad Hatter’s wonderland where a fairy world of cosplay including The Queen of Hearts, grinning Cheshire cat, curious Alice and other characters will be appearing throughout the day. All activities will be complimentary for every comer to The Grand. Parents and kids can participate in many lifesize games held around the resort including Jenga, football, Battleships, Connect Four and other daily beach games over the three-day celebration. Participants will stand a chance to win one of many prizes sponsored by tiNiWorld. The Wonderland party follows a host of recent announcements from the 2.2 kilometer beachside resort. This has seen the property unveil its game centers, 3D cinema, karaoke rooms, 18-hole miniature golf, Sports Bar and a new poolside barbecue restaurant. Moreover, The Grand Central Park, multi-branded Fashion Boutique and more entertainment … [Read more...]

“Non Cubism – Portrait 2016″ exhibition to opens in HCM City

VietNamNet Bridge – Painter Nguyen Quoc Dan’s 11 artworks with the themes "Non Cubism - Portrait 2016" will be displayed at the exhibition of the same name at 12 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, HCM City from April 27-May 5. Painter Nguyen Quoc Dan. "Non Cubism - Portrait 2016" is focused on portraying the silence, sadness, delusion, and passion of characters. Dan, 32, said this is the way to express his emotions and feelings about life. The characteristics of these works are expressed through "color cords", the "the color of feelings". This is his fourth exhibition. Three previous events were: "Non Cubism – Nguyen Quoc Dan 2011" (Applied Art Gallery, Fine Art University, HCMC); "Multicolor Non Cubism – Nguyen Quoc Dan 2012" (Fine Art Museum, HCMC); "Non Cubism Chalk – Nguyen Quoc Dan 2014" (36 Dinh Bo Linh street, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC). The exhibition has many different features from the previous ones. The exhibiit uses oil paint to make the … [Read more...]

National Consumer Price Index increases 0.33% in April

The Hanoitimes - According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in April rose by 0.33% against the previous month, and increased by 1.89% over the same period last year. The General Statistics Office (GSO) announced that the average figure of the national CPI in the first four months of this year increased by 1.41%. According to GSO's report, eight out of the 11 groups of commodities and services experienced price hikes. The highest was recorded in the transport sector with 1.73%, followed by the group of housing and construction materials, 0.71%; medicines and medical services, 0.45%; education services, 0.37%; and beverages and tobacco, 0.17%. Prices of restaurant and catering services remained stable in the month while the category of culture, entertainment and tourism experienced a slice of 0.01 percent. Deputy Director of the GSO’s Price Statistics Department Do Thi Ngoc attributed the CPI growth to impacts of the drought in the … [Read more...]

PM to hold dialogue with 3,000 labourers for Workers’ Month 2016

For the first time, to celebrate the 130th International Workers' Day and launch the 2016 Workers’ Month in Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will meet and hold talks with 3,000 workers in Dong Nai province and in southeastern localities on April 30. Outstanding workers will be honoured during the celebration of the 130th International Workers' Day and the 2016 Workers’ Month. The information was released at a press briefing to provide information about the 130th anniversary of International Workers' Day and launching the 2016 Workers’ Month held by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) in Hanoi on April 25. At the press conference, VGCL Deputy Chairman Nguyen Van Ngang said that PM Phuc will join workers in entertainment activities and will then hold a dialogue with labourers to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of workers on issues related to wages, housing and training. Prior to the dialogue, PM Phuc will also have a meeting with local … [Read more...]

Fly with Vietjet, enjoy Hue Festival and experience hot-air balloon

Passengers flying to Hue city with Vietjet will have chance to experience novel and unique Vietjet hot-air balloons on the free of charge basis in the ninth Hue Festival. Vietjet hot-air balloon is the only representative of Vietnam to participate in the International hot-air balloon demonstration 2016 with participation from eight other countries: Britain, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Passengers only need to bring "boarding pass" of Vietjet to experience freely this special mean of transportation on the May 4 and 5 at Ham Nghi field of Hue. The organizer would prioritize for early comers because of limited flight time. Passengers can take photos; participate in fun activities of hot-air balloon demonstration, meeting with pilots. Always be a pioneer in leisure activities for passenger service, Vietjet’s hot-air balloon will represent Vietnam to participate in demonstrations at other countries: Taiwan (July 2016), Japan … [Read more...]