“Connecting the East Sea” program unveiled

BTO - Yesterday (September 15th), the program named "Connecting the East Sea" was officially launched until October 14th with the aims of seeking for domestic and foreign financial aids to equip nationwide fishermen with telecommunications devices. The Vietnam Red Cross in coordination with Ministry of Information and Communications, plus Radio Voice of Vietnam, and Vietnam Televisionhave held this program. People can donate money by the following ways: - Firstly, sending text message with the content "BD" or "BIENDONG", worth VND 10,000 each, to thenationalhumanitarian portal 1400; - Secondly, directly giving cash at the Vietnam Red Cross, addressed No. 82, Nguyen Du street, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi city; - Thirdly, sending communications equipment including: ICOM: IC-728, IC-M710…to Viet Nam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) - Ministry of Information and Communications at VNTA building, Duong Dinh Nghe street, Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi; or to The … [Read more...]

Vietnamese teaching and learning overwhelming Germany

BTO -Vietnamese language was first taught in high schools at Leipzig city, and then it was spread over other places in Federal Republic of Germany to meet the needs of students and other learners with intrinsic motivation for learning Vietnamese. Reasons to teach Vietnamese language in Germany In 1989, after the fall of Berlin Wall, thousands of factories and enterprises in East Germany were shuttered or assigned their ownership to others, resulting in the return of over 30,000 Vietnamese people. At the same time, about 50,000 Vietnamese decided to stay in the hope of finding new jobs. In the meantime, these Vietnamese expatriates quickly linked together to found numerous Vietnamese Expat Unions. Accordingly, after a period of operation, the Vietnamese Expat Union in Leipzig city has enlisted the support of the city government in bringing Vietnamese subject to high-school curricula for purpose of teaching and reminding Vietnamese children in Germany of their mother-tongue. Benefits … [Read more...]

Gala dinner opened to welcome International Famtrip delegation

BTO - Yesterday afternoon (14/9), the international Famtrip delegation including over 50 Buyers from many territories and countries all over the world arrived at Mui Ne - Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province from HCMC. Right after that, a gala dinner as a welcoming ceremony was held for those visitors at Sea Link Beach hotel. Art performance items included at the Gala Dinner (Photo: My Thien) At the reception, there were Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung - deputy Director General Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - vice chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People's Committee as well as leaders of the local department/ agencies/ branches. As known, this is a fact-finding trip for foreign tour operators as well as investors to explore Binh Thuan's travel potentialities. It is supposed that this is a good opportunity for Binh Thuan to introduce the delegation to its potential and advantages in tourism products of all kinds such as: resort, eco- and … [Read more...]

Over 13,500 children of ethnic minorities attending schools in Binh Thuan

BTO- Binh Thuan authorities always pay attention to the work of childhood care and education for the ethnic minorities. As for the academic year 2013-2014, several funds have been collected from both central and provincial projects and programs to invest in building new classrooms and buying teaching aids for schools in the ethnic communities. According to report of education sector, there have been 52 schools (508 classes) in ethnic minority areas across the province so far, including 16 nursery schools (97 classes), 22 primary schools (274 classes), 14 secondary schools (137 classes). In the previous school-year, the mobilization of ethnic children entering kindergarten, primary school and secondary school achieved 57.55%, 99.92% and 60.58% successively. Also, 100% of ethnic communes have completed compulsory primary education for all children aged between 5 and 7. With regard to the academic year 2013-2014, there have been over 3,288 and 10,230 ethnic children of Binh Thuan … [Read more...]

Transferring advanced agricultural sciences and techniques to ethnic minority groups

BTO - On target to build a socioeconomic and welfare development for ethnic people in outlying regions in the province, since the early this year, the provincial authorities of agro-forestry sectors have boosted the transfer of advances in agricultural sciences and techniques (addrev. sci-tech) to ethnic minority people. In particular, the Agriculture and Rural development sector has carried out the construction of 5 agricultural encouragement models and unveiled 39 training classes in rubber farming for ethnic people in remote and mountainous areas with the total cost over VND 470 million. These handed-over models include: 3 models of farming rice and corn on 12 hectares of Binh An commune (Bac Binh district) and Dong Tien commune (Ham Thuan bac district) worth VND 150 million; 2 models of bio-security in farming 1,400 poultry worth VND 118 million in Tan Thang commune (Ham Tan district) and Phan Dien commune (Bac Binh district). Also, the sector has opened 39 training classes for … [Read more...]

Phan Thiet’s Full Moon Festival – 2013

BTO - This year, Phan Thiet's mid-autumn festival will be formally celebrated on September 18th night (i.e. the fourteenth of August in the lunar calendar) at Nguyen Tat Thanh square and other downtown streets in Phan Thiet city on the theme of "Phan Thiet's children enjoy Mid-autumn festival; facilitating children's future; nurturing children's dreams". Almost all of the primary schools and secondary schools in the city will join in this feast with one large-size lantern and a fluctuation from 60 to 100 small ones. As stipulated by the organizers, the participant lanterns must have appropriate topics, shapes and sizes. Particularly, the allowed sizes for big lanterns and small lanterns are not beyond 4 meters in height, 3 meters in breadth; and 60 centimeters in height, 40 centimeters in width, respectively, said Mr. Nguyen Van Luan, vice chairman of Phan Thiet city People's Committee as well as head of organizers. Right after the inaugural and gift-giving ceremonies, the … [Read more...]

Charitable kitchen opened at Tanh Linh Hospital

BTO- Pursuant to permission of provincial People's Committee and Tanh Linh People's Committee, the provincial Red Cross Society has mobilized a number of donors to set up a charitable kitchen at Tanh Linh General Hospital. Up to this time, all basic procedures and necessary conditions have been available and the kitchen is ready to offer free meals to poor patients in the hospital. Starting from May 2013, those who are poor and people of ethnic minorities under medical treatment at Tanh Linh General Hospital can get free meals from the charitable kitchen of the hospital. The meals are offered in the morning and afternoon (with approximately 120 servings for each period) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Poor patients getting free meals at Tanh Linh Hospital According to report, management board of Tanh Linh Hospital's charitable kitchen has received donated money of more than VND 84 million so far. This practical support is from a lot of philanthropists, sponsors and … [Read more...]

A family of Agent Orange victims with extreme misery

BTO- This poor family has 6 members, including 4 ones heavily affected by Agent Orange/Dioxin. This is a great misfortune that seems to be so hard to overcome. Now three of them passed away and the others still keep on living day after day with an overcast future. Short happiness Mr. Ho Xuan Hung was born in 1960 in Hong Thai Commune-Bac Binh district. In April 1978, he joined the army as a communication soldier and had a training period in Pleiku (Gia Lai province nowadays). He demobilized in November 1981 and 4 years later, he got married to Ms Bui Thi Hue, a physician working in his hometown (Bac Binh district). At the end of 1985, their first son (Ho Hai Dang) was born. They thought that they had been the happiest family. Tragedies began In 1987, they welcomed the second son named Ho Duy Bang with serious birth defects. Bang has an abnormal body with a big head, short limbs and fragile health. He gets sick so often that Mrs Hue had to quit her job to take care of him in the … [Read more...]

Binh Thuan seafood export earned nearly $ 52 million in 8 months of 2013

BTO- As of August 2013, export of marine products has achieved USD 51.9 million, accounting for 32.5% of the total export turnover of the province. Binh Thuan's seafood has accessed to many countries in the world, including the following key markets: Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Australia… On the whole, seafood export value of August reached USD 6.8 million, raising by 2.9% over the previous month, but there is still a fall of 6.8% compared to the same period last year. The main causes of the reduce above include unfavourable weather, multiple difficulties in seafood exploitation, the exhausted fishing grounds and overfishing of young marine resources that poses a major threat to the fisheries. In line of economic decline, a majority of export enterprises are focusing on intensive investment, technological equipment innovation, improving processing and exporting abilities, as well as stabilizing the quality of products for export to … [Read more...]

800 Binh Thuan citizens enlisting into military

BTO - On September 10th, 800 citizens of five districts and town to the south of Binh Thuan province were assigned to the provincial Military Headquarters under its official order to call enlistment for the second session of 2013 on the previous day. As known, the number of this time's recruits from Lagi town was 170 people, Ham Tan district was 120, Ham Thuan Nam district was 160, Duc Linh and Tanh Linh districts were 180 and 170, respectively. This time, the entire citizens who took the order to enlist into military are in good health in accordance with regulations. All of them will serve at the units directly under Ministry of National Defense and Military Zone 7 High Command including: 4th army Corps, the provincial High Command of Border Guard, 302nd Infantry Division, 5th Infantry Division, 75th Artillery Brigade, Gia Dinh Regiment - High Command of Ho Chi Minh City, Artillery Commander Battalion, Guard Battalion and the provincial Military Headquarters My Thien (Source: Binh … [Read more...]

Ham Thuan Bac district: nearly 130 students received scholarships

BTO - Ham Thuan Bac district People's Committee in coordination with Agribank - Binh Thuan branch held a prize-giving ceremony for students who had won "Le Quy Don" awards in the academic year 2012-2013. On that occasion, the organizers awarded scholarships of Japan's Marubeni Educational Fund and the scholarships of "helping poor students continue study" fund to studious but disadvantaged students in Ham Thuan Bac district. The ceremony had the attendance of Mr. Ha Minh Hue - standing vice chairman of Vietnam Journalists Association, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - vice chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People's Committee, Mr. Pham Quynh Chau - chairman of the provincial Study Encouragement Fund, representatives of Marubeni Educational Fund in Vietnam and leaders of district Party Committee, People's Committee of Ham Thuan Bac district as well as agencies/ branches/ unions. As known, "Le Quy Don" awards of Ham Thuan Bac district, which has been maintained over the past nearly 24 years, shows … [Read more...]

Gratitude Fundraising reached over VND 6.3 billion

BTO- According to report of Binh Thuan's management board of "Gratitude Fund", the whole province has mobilized the total money of VND 6.3 billion so far, reaching 105% over the plan (the targeted number for this year is VND 6 billion). Particularly, the provincial fund received nearly VND 1.3 billion out of VND 1.5 billion while the funds of districts/city/town have obtained totally VND 5 billion, an excess of 11.5% over the year plan (VND 4.5 billion). Phan Thiet city, La Gi town, Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Tan, Bac Binh and Tuy Phong districts are the localities exceeding the target of the year. In addition, a number of units have been honoured by the provincial management board of "Gratitude Fund" for their outstanding contribution to the funds, including Binh Thuan Lottery Company, EVN Binh Thuan, Binh Thuan provincial center for Project Management and Road Construction Advisory, VNPT Binh Thuan … However, mobilization for the provincial fund has merely finished 85.5% of the year plan. … [Read more...]

Zoning plan for exploitation and probe into titanium ore

BTO - The prime minister has just given approval on zoning plan for exploration, exploitation, processing and use of titanium ore in the period of 2020 and under consideration for the period of 2030. Accordingly, Binh Thuan is forecasted to exploit around 599 million metric tons, accounting for 92% of the total reserves of titanium ore in Vietnam. During the planning period, it is expected to get about 150 million metric tons of heavy minerals (including about 17 million tons of zircon), reserves and the remaining natural resources will be deposited into the national stock. To get stable and reliable reserves to meet the processing plants' demands for resources of raw materials, the exploration at some appointed regions, namely, Thai Nguyen, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces will be completed by 2015. Besides, the probe into titanium ore at red-sand floor in Luong Son commune, Bac Binh commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province that caters … [Read more...]

Binh Thuan has nearly 300,000 students entering the new school year 2013-2014

BTO- On the morning of September 5, 2013, nearly 300,000 students of all education levels in Binh Thuan province attended opening ceremonies to enter the new academic year of 2013-2014. Photo: Ngoc Lan Reports of Education sector show that, in this school year, the province has about 47,584 preschool children (600 children less than the previous year); 228,105 high school students (reducing 1,202 students compared to last year); 19,847 university, college and vocational students (raising nearly 2,900 students in comparison with the previous academic year). According to Department of Education and Training, public schools across the province welcome 21,937 students of grade 1, more than 21,000 students of grade 6 and 13,040 students of grade 10. The total investment capital for material and facility construction, as well as teaching equipment is over VND 260 billion. 407 new classrooms and 260 school toilets have been built and put into operation in this acedemic year. Phuong … [Read more...]

Misguided footsteps on the return date

BTO - The ebullient and aggressive nature of the youth plus mercenary regardless of law are these main factors that push a number of youth into jails. On serving their sentences, thanks to the prisoners' enlightenment and the help of superintendents, these convicts were able to get the fun on the national amnesty date. On August 30th morning, amid the joyful atmosphere of the nationwide amnesty under the State President's decision, the temporary detention center of Binh Thuan Police solemnly held ceremony to announce amnesty decision to offenders who had good behaviors during the process of doing porridge. In very early morning of August 30th, a crowded number of the prisoners' relative and friends had gathered outside the detention's gate on Thu Khoa Huan street, Phu Thuy ward, Phan Thiet city. Inside the prison's hall, where the ceremony took place, the atmosphere was no less exciting because the prisoners would soon return home to reunite with their families in the next few … [Read more...]

Cham village and its culture

BTO - Cham people live in villages (Palei), each palei includes a number of families/clans (Gop) and each Gop has one Kut (cemetery with mother clan for the Cham Ba La Mon) or Ghur (in Cham Ba Ni branch). 1. The best position of Cham village is the gate in the direction of Southerly Mountain matching with the Cham Idiom: "Cơk mưraung, kraung birak" meaning "Mountain to the South and River to the North". Unlike the living style of the Kinh people, gate and a house-to-house distance are quiet wide. Houses are arranged following the style of 'Gop' which is divided into family branch (or 'Ciet Prauk'). During the process of cohabitation, certainly, some other Gops randomly appear and mix into the prior community. Their houses are arranged lines by lines in parallel with a wide and straight path for some ox-carts movement. These paths interconnect together by smaller alley, called "Chet". The houses of Cham People are always surrounded by fences made of wood or bamboo in the past but … [Read more...]

Dan Tien Nong (Bac Binh) recognized as a provincial historical monument

BTO- In the morning of August 30, 2013, People's Committee of Bac Binh district solemnly held a ceremony to realize Tien Nong relic (Dan Tien Nong) in Phan Hoa commune-Bac Binh district as a provincial-level historical-cultural monument. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Department of Culture-Sports and Tourism, Binh Thuan Museum, agencies in Bac Binh district, as well as people of Phan Ri Thanh and Phan Hoa communes. Some historical documents indicate that Dan Tien Nong was built in 1833, the 14th year of Minh Mang's reign at Dong An village (Phan Ri Thanh commune- former Hoa Da district). During the 112 years of existence (from 1883 to 1945), Dan Tien Nong was a place for worshipping the Heaven, the Earth and Agriculture Gods, including Ha Dien ritual (farm-work initiation ceremony) to pray for favorable weather and bumper crop. These ceremonies annually took place on the lunar March and attended by leaders of the province and the locals. Over hundreds of years, … [Read more...]

Japan seeking investment opportunities in Binh Thuan

BTO - On August 31st afternoon, Binh Thuan leaders including Mr. Huynh Van Ti - secretary of Binh Thuan Party's Committee and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - vice chairman of the Provincial People's Committee had an intimate meeting with Mr. Shinichiro Ogoshi - deputy president of the Management Board of Japanese Marubeni Educational Fund, chief representative of Mrubeni in Vietnam. At the reception, Mr. Ti informed Mr. Shinichiro Ogoshi about the local socio-economic situation as well as its potential development. On that occasion, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee also expressed his expectation of getting more Japanese investors in Binh Thuan province. Mr. Ti shared that Binh Thuan has been in the process of investing into the constructions of energy center, deep titanium processing center, sea-sport center, etc. Especially, the province's project of domestic airport construction has got the nod from the Government. In response to Mr. Ti's expression, Mr. Shinichiro Ogoshi … [Read more...]

Binh Thuan authorities strengthen leadership and direction on implementing the campaign “Vietnamese give priority to use Vietnamese goods”

BTO- Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has just promulgated Directive No.41-CT/TU on enhancing the leadership and direction of the campaign "Vietnamese give priority to use Vietnamese goods". Executive committees of the Party hierarchy, authorities at all levels and branches, the provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, political and social organizations, as well as agencies and units have been requested to intensify the work of propaganda and thoroughly grasp the contents of the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to use Vietnamese goods" on the basis of the announcement on Conclusion No.264-TB/TW dated July 31, 2012 of the Politburo; step up propagation to mobilize cadres, Party members, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union members, political and social organizations' members, enterprises, as well as people from all walks of life to actively respond to the campaign in order to get better results. The authorities at all levels should consider the … [Read more...]

Phan Thiet entering “The Municipal Year of 2013″

BTO - Phan Thiet is regarded as both central face of Binh Thuan province and tourist city attracting a large number of tourists throughout the country and the world. Therefore, the preservation of a dynamic, young and friendly city is a tough duty for Phan Thiet authorities… Initial achievements In March 2013, in the face of the local practical situation, Phan Thiet city Municipal Party Standing Committee issued Directive No.29 on strengthening the management of urban order associated with building up civilized urban life in the city. The committee, at the same time, instructed People's Committee of Phan Thiet city to promulgate Scheme 38A on resetting urban order associated with building up civilized urban life in Phan Thiet city. A large number of ad signs violated road safety on Ham Tien- Mui Ne route. By conducting simultaneously and enhancing many solutions, functional authorities have gained some certain achievements. For instance, as for transportation aspect, the … [Read more...]