Quan ho folk singing performances open Lim festival

A Quan ho folk singing performance on the boat
(Photo by Nguyen The Duong)

Lim festival dedicated to Quan ho folk singing was kicked off in the northern province of Bac Ninh on February 11(the 12th day of the first lunar month) and will continue until February 15.

The annual spring festival attracts thousands of people from all corners of the country. Performances by local amateur artists and professional singers are being held during the festival on Lim hill in Tien Du district, where the Lim pagoda is located. The pagoda is dedicated to Hieu Trung Hau, who invented Quan ho.

Most visitors to the festival want to enjoy the sweet melodies of Quan ho in the area of Kinh Bac, considered the cradle of this artistic genre. During the festival, besides the main stage, the festival’s organization board also create four other stages where a series of Quan ho songs, such as “Moi trau” (Inviting a quid of betel and areca), “Vao chua” (Going to the pagoda), “Gia ban” (Goodbye to friends) and “Ngoi tua man thuyen” (Sitting near the boat’s side) are performed.

Furthermore, Quan ho singing performances are also held at the courtyards of communal houses and pagodas, houses of artists, and on boats in many villages.

In addition, folk games are organised to entertain visitors like bamboo swinging, wrestling, cock fighting, human chess and blind man’s bluff./.