Tet flowers, trees find few buyers

Even though Tet is just one day away, many people in HCM City remain hesitant to buy flowers and ornamental trees for the holiday because of the economic situation.

Window shopping

Apart from necessary food, several types of Tet flowers and ornamental trees, including apricot, peach, as well as fruits are being sold on roadsides and in parks.

Nguyen Van Hao, from Phu Nhuan District, together with his family walked around to see flowers and ornamental trees at a park. When the seller said the apricot tree is priced at VND5 million (USD236.57), he walked away.

“I think it’s still a bit early to buy apricots at those prices. If prices were reasonable I would buy one. I might decide to buy another type of ornamental tree instead,” said Hao.

Slow sales for Tet

Even though apricot trees are typical for Tet in HCM City, their sales are in a slump this year.

One grower and seller of these trees said that the best-sellers this year are the very large ones that cost tens of millions of VND. These usually go to large companies or well-off families.

A few buyers and many visitors

Peach and kumquat trees from the northern region arrived for Tet. Even though prices fluctuate, it seems that these have not sold well either. The sales of many flowers for Tet have also been unimpressive.

“It seems to be a bit early for people to buy flowers now because they might wilt,” said Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, owner of a flower shop.

Fruit sales are also lagging. “Our fruit shop has been open for four days, but have very few customers. I don’t dare to buy more for fear that demand will not increase in the next few days,” said Huynh Thi Hoa.

Crowded supermarkets

Despite this, many supermarkets have been overcrowded as people flock to buy necessities for the holiday.