Chairman of Binh Duong Province meets his denouncer in a fierce argument

After being denounced for delaying work, head of Binh Duong People’s Committee accused the chairman of Dai Nam JSC of violating the government’s regulations.

Song Than 3 Industrial Park

Huynh Uy Dung, Chairman of Dai Nam JSC, sent the letter of denouncement to the PM on October 22. In the letter, Dung said the chairman of Binh Duong Province People’s Committee, Le Thanh Cung, tried to refuse granting him permission to proceed with his projects in Song Than 3 Industrial Park. He sent many complaints to Binh Duong Provincial authorities but has not received any reply.

According to Dung, at the time Binh Duong Province owed the Ministry of Finance about VND1 trillion (USD48 million), they asked him to buy a 533ha plot of land to help them pay off the debt. In 2006, the provincial authorities allowed the company to build the industrial park on the land, 61.5ha of which would be used as dormitories for workers.

Dai Nam JSC then asked its employees to contribute capital for the project. In accordance with an announcement issued by the former chairman of Binh Duong Province, Dung asked permission to increase the land slated for dormitories to over 136ha.

The letter goes on to say that after October 21, 2009, Le Thanh Cung was promoted from vice chairman to chairman, and at that time banned the company from building the dormitories. Feedback from provincial authorities said only the Ministry of Construction has power to adjust industrial zones. It was asked to submit a detailed plan at a different scale than what they had previously used, but these plans were never reviewed.

Other agencies, such as the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Construction also said that Dai Nam JSC’s were legal.

However, in an interview with the VTC News, Cung said Dung lied when he said Cung pushed off his responsibility onto the Ministry of Construction. “That kind of deception is unacceptable. They want to divide the land into two zones: a 300ha industrial zone and a 136ha residential zone. This action must have the Prime Minister’s approval. If they want to build a residential area, it must be separate from the industrial zone and this is not in our province’s master plan.”

After the denouncement letter was published, Binh Duong provincial authorities reported that 61.5ha of the land was inside the industrial zone so it could not be bought or rented out as residential areas. Cung said, “Residential areas are banned from industrial zones. He asked me to violate the laws, so what choice am I left with? Dung was able to earn money thanks to the lands in Binh Duong Province.”

The case escalated when Dung said that he was suing Cung for slander and defamation of character on November 4. “Cung knew he was on record in an interview, yet he used his status as chairman of Binh Duong Province People’s Committee to accuse me had lied.” Dung said, adding that “I managed this huge company for 30 years and have always maintained my credibility. Cung insulted me and damaged my reputation. He must take responsibility and compensate me if I suffer financial loss as a result.”

Dung also said in an interview that authorities in Binh Duong Province use their own ‘regulations’ instead of adhering to law. “I have nothing to lose, so I want to tell the truth. Let’s wait for the results from the investigation,” he said.