Asian, African writers discuss cultural globalisation

Writers from 50 Asian and African countries met in a round-table conference in Hanoi on August 26 to talk about ways to enhance the role and position that they play in issues relating to globalisation in culture.

The event, hosted by the Vietnam Writers’ Association, also underscored the development of the Asia-Africa Writer Association (AAWA) in the future.

Addressing the conference, AAWA Secretary General Mohamed Salmawy said globalisation poses difficult issues to the world, which require the protection and promotion of the cultural identities of each nation.

Writers should continue playing their role in promoting the distinct cultural identity of each nation, enriching the culture of human beings with unity, equality, justice and freedom, he said.

Sharing Mr Salmawy’s view, Vietnamese writer Nguyen Tri Trung said that Asian and African writers should first prove their role in combatting the negative impacts of the globalisation process by creating valuable works to enrich the culture of each country.

Through their works, writers also bear responsibility for contributing their voice to maintaining peace, equality and national conciliation, he added.

Meanwhile, writer Hilda Twongyeirwe from Uganda called on the writers to join hands in organising activities to protect and promote cultural values.

Participants also agreed with the AAWA Secretary General’s proposal to launch “Lotus” magazine in English, French and Arabic. The preparation for the magazine will be discussed further at a meeting of the association’s executive board in the northern province of Quang Ninh from August 27-28.

The same day, an agreement on literature co-operation between Vietnam and Egypt was signed, the first one between the two member states of the Afro-Asian Writers’ Association.

Under the agreement, which is effective for four years, the two sides will regularly share information on literature and organise alternative meetings discussing issues of common concern.

Referring to non-profit translation and publication, the two sides agreed to promote their co-operation with a view to bringing culture to media by introducing valuable worksof literature to translators and publishers and protecting intellectual property.

Addressing the signing ceremony, writer Huu Thinh, President of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, pledged to do his best to nurture the traditional friendship between the two countries, contributing to bringing the Red River and Nile River civilisations closer together.

For his part, the Writers’ Union of Egypt’s President Mohamed Salmawy affirmed that the agreement lays a foundation for activities between the two associations in the future, helping the two countries’ writers explore each other’s cultures and improve their translation work.

(Source: VNA)