ASEAN Secretariat, Eurasia Fund to strengthen cooperation


Zhang Yan, CEO of the Eurasia Fund has visited and held talks with ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh at ASEAN Secretariat headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the meeting, Minh expressed the Secretariat’s willingness to cooperate with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) for the benefit of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). Minh said the Secretariat’s participation in ASEF and ASEM will contribute to cooperation between Asia and Europe. He stressed that ASEM, which is a large inter-regional framework between ASEAN and its partners, plays a critical role in creating favorable conditions for an ASEAN community as well as for regional peace and stability. Zhang Yan expressed a wish for closer cooperation between the ASEAN Secretariat and the Eurasia Fund in the areas of sustainable development, environment, healthcare, education, human resources and culture.